RI Weekly – The Diwali tunes

Here’s wishing all our listeners and team a Dazzling Diwali filled with the best gifts for our life! This time i would rest my keypad a bit and do some audio babble … here we go: Diwali RJ babble 1… ************************************************************************** Ms. Geeta Khanolkar – A professional, live in concert (Mumbai) It is our privilege […]

26th edition – Amit Savkur’s movie soundtrack release

Hello Friends! Hope all of you had a nice week.. After a lull we have some great content this week. This week we have sounds from Mumbai, Pune, bangalore, mangalore! *********************************************************************************** Amit Savkur, our star singer shares with us a song from his recent release – Sound track of Marathi Movie “Evdha Sa Abhaal” Personally, […]

The Southern Samba(r) Quizzeria

**************************************************************************** Presented to you by RJ Sunnyboy (Sooraj Kamath – **************************************************************************** Hi Everyone – Vanakkam ! Good day. Hope you all had a wonderful week! We start the session this week with DJ Deepak’s invocation of Lord Ganesh, a compilation of Vathapi Ganapathim. DJ Deepak-Vatapi G… ———————————————————————————- Quizmaster Vivekanand! presents Dhun We all live […]

Launching Southern Samba(r).. (south india special

The “Unconquered South” – perhaps the smallest cultural subcontinent on earth. 4 states hosting about 9 languages, home to the Carnatic classical music, dance forms like Kattakalli, Bharatnatyam, Kuchipudi, Mohinyattam, and the deadliest martial art on earth – the Kalarippayattu, breeds an ecstatic passion for lifetime. Surely the South is only a subset of the […]

Decked Decade Decibels! – Tenth Edition

After the great media limelight(check the CNN IBN video on Radio Idli in the post click here) here we are with a double digit edition finally! Listener numbers, contributions and expectations are on the northward rise! Aren’t all these signs of positive growth?? Todays edition proves just that. Main highlight of this edition is a […]

Ninth edition at 9 PM primetime!

Its prime time for Radio Idli with some prime coverage in press (courtesy DNA mumbai) Radio Idli and the Saraswat community have been quoted as the first to mark the arrival of Blog Radio concept in India! Its time to celebrate for each of us. “On the Internet, Community Radio becomes a reality” You can […]

Heaven Seven – Seventh Weekly edition

Seven is an interesting number.. WE have seven notes of music, seven colours in the rainbow .. and here we are with our seventh edition!! ————————————————————- RESHMA ki Reshmi Awaaz The magical voice of Reshma sings yet again after her PC recovers. lets all welcome this grand moment .. Lamha Lamha by Reshma Pai (Mother […]