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Hi Everyone – Vanakkam !

Good day. Hope you all had a wonderful week!

We start the session this week with DJ Deepak’s invocation of Lord Ganesh, a compilation of Vathapi Ganapathim.

DJ Deepak-Vatapi G…


Quizmaster Vivekanand! presents Dhun

We all live a life of purpose. We identify what we want in life, set goals and chase them. Some of us want to be in responsible positions of recognized corporations, some of us want to become sportsmen, musicians, singers and the list goes on. Whatever we aim to be, there is one thing common to all of us. i.e. We aspire..

Today I would like to introduce you to one of my friends who aspires to be a quizzer. Vivekanand Shenoy, from Mangalore, is an engineer from NITK, Surathkal ( formerly known as KREC) and is currently working with Juniper Networks. He started as an amateur participant in quizzes in Canara PU College. Later on with the taste of success, Vivek started consistently participating in quizzes. He was an active member of quiz club of NITK college and the Mangalore Quizzing Foundation (MQF). As part of a trio team known as “King Murphy”, which is very popular in these regions, Vivek won various quizzes at inter-college fests i.e. 3 times at Incident (KREC), 2 times at Revels (MIT) and once at REC Calicut. Vivek has also conducted numerous quizzes at KREC and also at Atlantis (KMC).

After playing the role of a participant in quizzes, with the confidence and backup of his success, Vivek now wants to assume the role of a quiz conductor. He has already taken a head-start in this direction by conducting quizzes in corporations such as Huawei Technologies, Lucent Technologies and Juniper Networks during their annual functions.

Today with the help of Vivek, I am launching a new audio quizzing program in Radio Idli called “DHUN”. I thank Vivek for his interest to contribute towards Radio Idli and on behalf of Radio Idli, I wish him all the best in the future. Let us hope we get to see Vivek onTV on the same ranks of Derek O’Brien and Siddharth Basu.


Given below are 5 audio clips and questions associated with them. Listen to the music, enjoy the music, and put your thinking cap on. Most answers will be at the tip of your tongue, but you still need to pen them down and send them to me at . The person with the maximum number of answers will be the winner and will be proclaimed “Radio-Guru of the Week”

We request all of you to play this quiz in the right spirit of the contest. Hence please do not mention any answers in the comments section of this blog or anywhere else in radio idli. So now let us begin..



Q: Staring (Mukhda) of a very famous song from a very famous movie.Identify ?



Q: With what would you associate this tune ?



Q: The female voice is that of S.Janaki.Now guess the male voice ?



Q: Guessing the musical group is simple.What i want is this song was used as a theme for certain event.Name the event ?



Q: This tune is a portion (Antara) taken from one of the all time classic hindi movie songs.Name the song and the movie ?

Hope you enjoyed this eidition of the quiz. We shall be back next week with answers and winners of this quiz, and with more questions next week. So time to sharpen your ears 😉

Vivekanand Shenoy &
Sooraj Kamath

Sunny Days, Sunny Ways..

Sunny can rock you – in more than one way. And this time, Sooraj Kamath tries to do so in the real sense. Listen to this song and you will know how 😉

( One request – please listen to this song using headphones rather than speaker )

Sunny will rock yo…

Thats all we have in this edition of Southern Samba(r). Keep Eating, Keep Rocking !!!

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  1. Hey sunny and Vivekanand,nice theme yaar…zaraa hatke..hehe
    Well DJ Deepak…awesome remix and Sunnyboy…U ROCK!!!!!!!!

  2. Sunnyboy, You rock!!

    Vivekanand Great Concept!! Consider giving options, baaki lifelines, 50-50, “Scrap a friend” sab nahi chaiye ..

    Vedic Mix was coool.. Deepak keep streaming!!

  3. Great concept Vivekanad and Sunny!! Now you are making me think, and believe me, I could only guess one of the answers.. LoL.. I need to get smarter to answer these questions..

    Sunny boy, this one is specially for you!! \m/ you rock budd..

    Thanks to Archana and Aparna from the bottom of my heart..

    Guys I might be off and on till 25th April as I have an exam.. However I still would wanna keep things running from my side on Radio Idli, because “Its all about music, and it always will be!!”

    Keep smiling and stay happy my dear Amchis..

  4. Hi Guys..

    Thanks all.. I am very confident of being consistently innovative in south indian edition.. coz i myself get bored if things dont keep changing..

    Deepak.. amazing stuff.. U r making Bangalore proud..

    Vivekanand.. our concept is rocking.. this is just the beginning though..


  5. Vathapi Ganapthim Bhaje was played very well.
    I am not sure what effect DJ Deepak intended in creating such a mix.
    I respect the effort and the creativity that has gone into creating this piece.
    However, the synthetic beats were too overpowering and completely distracted me from listening to the beautiful melody.
    The remix didn’t mix.

  6. The Quizzeria is a very good addition to Radio Idli – makes it interactive and will give you an opportunity to listen from the shy/silent audience that may not necessarily post comments. Please keep the questions coming !!

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