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Konkani Sammelan 2016 Announced

Konkani Sammelan 2016 Announced

The Konkani Association of Georgia (KAOG) is gearing up with its southern charm and hospitality, to host the Konkani Sammelan 2016. The two and a half day fun filled event will be held at the spectacular Georgia International Convention Center, in College Park, GA from July 1 – July 3 (Fri – Sun).

Spot interview – Sarathkumar Prabhu, G Krishna Rao and Ramesh Pai

Spot interview – Sarathkumar Prabhu, G Krishna Rao and Ramesh Pai

A casual meeting at Pravin Kamath’s residence turned out to be a great extempore interview which we captured for many more eyes to see. It was a meeting with three great Konkani Achievers – Shri G. Krishna Rao (Konkani Theater veteran), Sarathkumar Prabhu ( Young film maker of “Nandu” fame) and Payyanur Ramesh Pai (Chairman, Kerala Konkani Academy). Here is the video for your viewing

Anandi Kamath’s Konkani Pearls – Part 2

Anandi Kamath’s Konkani Pearls – Part 2

After the encouraging response coupled by the treasured content from Smt. Anandi Kamath, we couldnt wait any longer before releasing the remaining gems from the interview. When it comes to presenting lifetime accomplishments, who could do a better job than a proud son himself. And thats where we have Dr. Rajeev Sreenivasa, founder of a leading digital agency, and son of Anandi-mai, speaking about the achievements of his mother. We also have two beautiful song and poetry compositions rendered by the author herself!

Anandi Kamath’s Konkani pearls – Part 1

We take immense joy in publishing a spot interview of Smt. Anandi Kamath, a great Konkani author, poet with an amazing voice. The video was taken at her courteous residence where we had a great time speaking with her hanks to a meet arranged by Shri Payyanur Ramesh Pai. The joy of bringing this video is even more on the occasion of her 80th birthday which was on 19th of March.

Dolyan Khelu – Konkani Comedy Play by Late Kudpi Vasudev Shenoy

An epic konkani comedy drama written 45 years back by Late Shri Kudpi Vasudev Shenoy is brought alive by his son Kudpi Rajanikanth Shenoy. At that era, nobody would have guessed that the drama would be enacted many years later in audio by a cast located in different parts of the world.. India..England..Indonesia.. name it in merely 6 days!; and would be broadcasted to the world over the Internet. What could be a better Fifth Anniversary celebration for Radio Idli! A big welcome to all the artists from Broad Minded Konkanis Facebook group.

Mind Boggling Songs From Broad Minded Konkanis

Broad Minded Konkanis(BMK) is a Facebook Group started by Kudpiraj and managed by Mukund Kamath and four other Admins, Rammohan Pai, Madhukantha Kamath, Aparna Kamath and Seema Bhandary(D Border). BMK has many talented singers who have sung to perfection. Mukund Kamath is undoubtedly the ace singer of BMK Group. In this post, you may find […]

Mukund Kamath’s ‘Thingalavre B Song’ Spreads Aroma!

A naturally talented singer with voice training under his guru Vasanthi R Nayak of Swara Shree Kalaa  Vedike Trust Mangalore, Shibrur Mukund Kamath, Managing Director of Ideal Ice Creams came out with a song for Kokke Boys, “Thingalavre B Song” based on Kolaveri D by Dhanush. The parody explains various steps in cooking Thingalavre B […]

Tingalavare Bi-che Kolaveri Song – Kudpiraj’s Kitaapathi Khelu

Radio Idli is glad to welcome Kudpi Rajanikanth Shenoy as our esteemed contributor. Kudpimaam, as he is fondly known, is known to most online Saraswats through his omnipresence on social media.

The Kolaveri wave has swept the Karavali coast too.. and the result is Thingalavare Bi (Mangalorean white grams known for its taste and post-consumption acoustics)! The idea and lyrics for the song was conceived by Mukund Kamath, of Ideal Ice Cream fame in Mangalore. Kudpimaam, adds to this an amazing combination of his Multimedia skills! What’s more?! Mukund Kamath’s voice to the song is an “Ideal” cherry on the cake.. or should i say on the Ideal GadBad?! They say proof of the ice-cream is in eating.. Watch the video and the songa… thingalavare songa..