13th Lucky Edition

Hosted this week by : RJ We-Wake (Vivek) Pai

RJ talk…
Dear friends, I am pleased to bring to you this week’s edition of Radio Idli, which coincidently its 13th (lucky) Edition! It is also a significant one since its the first time someone other than Nagesh anna is hosting it! So sit back and enjoy while RJ We-Wake takes you though this weeks edition!

Im sure that like me you are also eager to hear Lok-Maam’s latest, he will be posting his entry very soon!

Chutney chat with OKC
Our dearest ‘Phatka King’ Sankalp is gone but we still have our ‘wicked’ duo Ramesh Mallya and Nagesh Pai to continue the chutney chats! Here they are making chutney of our favorite ‘chirut’, I mean ORKUT KA CHIRKUT, Samiir Halady! Enjoy

Video available on the link below:


Shradha Nayak returns
Shradha Nayak with the beautiful song ‘hero’ by Mariah Carey!


Ashwin Kamath’s Dedication

Our dearest Ashwin maam here dedicating this song to his secret beloved! 🙂

roop tera mastana….

Return of Reshma Shenoy
“Resh maaa” with a word of advice for the ‘babujis’ looking for love!


‘Dinesh’maam with a classic
Archana Kamath’s father ‘Dinesh’maam with a beautiful song.

Chal ud ja reto se…

Archana’s dedication
Archana paying homage to her school friend who passed away few days back due to illness

zindagi ka safar a…


I hope you all enjoyed todays edition, feel free to mail me with your views and responses, on vive_pai@yahoo.com/radioidli@gmail.com, Take care, God bless!


  1. Congratulations to We-Wake (Vivek) on great presentation. You have done me proud :-), hehe joking.. Splendid job. I am sure the audience will look at more from your side!

  2. Vivek maam.. good job..

    here are a few comments from my side for all the programs

    Chutney Chat: Vivek maam, I saw our guest, OKC a little quiet today!! why?? Is it because you did not give him a cup of kaapi?? he he he

    Shradha Mai: Great voice as ever and a great song.. totally hollywood ishtyle.. 🙂

    Reshma mai: After listening to your song, I have started walking slowly.. 😛

    Dinesh Maam: Amazing voice.. A song sung with perfection, in a perfect retro style..

    Archana mai: Rich voice.. I wouldn’t wanna watch Indian Idol after listening to Radio Idli now, coz I know where the real talent is!!

    All in all, a great edition people.. I am waiting for the Southern Sambar now.. Chutney melle, sambar ve jauka Idli khattana.. 😀

  3. Thank you dear Nagesh and Deepak, with people like you watching us at every step we are assured that we are going in the right direction! Indian Idol? SO BE IT! 🙂

  4. wow..

    we wake..u really have woke ppl..i guess with some abs stunning talent pool here on Amgello Radio ..RI…gr8 work…and god bless all humare ek se badkar ek kalakars…Kudos…

  5. Shraddhha and reshmaakka…U both have a very silken voice..gr8 performance..
    Thankyou Deepak..thanks a lot…

  6. Continuing the Chutney Chat from Anchor India , Are Mallya pehle thoda tips le Sankalp se..

    Shradha, you have a melodious voice..

    Reshma, Good song and had all the elments of the song..

    Ashwin, your talent has come out nicely in this song.

    Dinesh Maam, you shoould sing more..

    Archana, you are the star singer of our Radio!!!!

  7. Mallya Damn cool…. great job dude..
    OKC- ur kewl, good luck buddy!!.. 🙂

    Shradha- :OOOOOOO…..hmmm, greta contris, every week..Pune ka laaj bachaya… special thanks..:)

    Dinesh maam- superb.. 😉

    Archana- so nice of u to dedicate this song to Late.Chiraag Patil..very touchy n apt.. MAY HIS SOUL REST IN PEACE..

    n ur last week’s contri was amazing… I just love that song.. mUngaaru MaLey truly rocks..

    Reshma- great one indeed.. waiting for next weeks..

    Deepak..– vaatapi remix was simply superb dude.. great work.. 🙂

    i lhaavu radivo idli ;D


  8. Hi all,

    Vivek.. Amazing presentation..

    Archu.. I guess I have praised u with all possible words in all 8 langauges I know.. Gimme some more time.. I ll lear french or italian soon.. and get back to praising u.. To describe u in one word.. SPLENDID !!!

    Dinesh uncle.. your voice is so rich and so traditional..no one’s voice is as clear as yours.. great workd.. please continue sending at least 1 a week..

    Ashwin Kamath .. Way to go..

    Reshma.. Simply cool stuff again..par tujhse naraaz hoon main.. U r from Bangalore and I should be receiving your entry :D.. @ Vivek: Let us make a transfer of Reshma from western league to southern league 😉

    Keep going..


  9. Reshma, You Rock with “Babooji Dheere Chalna. Excellent Rendition. Thank You.

    Keep it up.

  10. Archana, I can it was coming straight from the soul – I mean the song “Zindagi Ka Safar”.

    May your friend find peace wherever he/she is.

    Keep up the good work. Thank You.

  11. Sorry for the late acknowledgement…gotto check the blog only today after a long long weekend. Thanks for the compliments everyone :). This is my way of expressing myself and enjoying what i like to do. What I liked about this week’s post was that there was a lot of variety in the blog, starting from Vivek’s superb presentation to the contributions from people. Keep it going folks…

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