Yashodi Sundari – Konkani Kasturi by Ramesh Pai



The beautiful face of Lord Krishna takes us to His mother Yashoda who was also beautiful.During the childhood what all playful acts Krishna performed is anybody’s guess. Dwaraka was full of love for Him, and the mothers there tried to befriend Him in spite of His naughty character. His superhuman actions pointed to His divine nature and therefore they even worshipped Him in their minds and hearts.

Here we have a Konkani song (Anonymous poet) explaining one such occasion where Lord Krishna convinced His own mother Yashoda of His divine powers. The scene of Krishna showing the entire world in His small mouth is well narrated by many poets in different languages. Here the poet links the incident with a Ganesh Pooja performed by Yashoda who observed a fasting but same time prepared Modaks for Naivedya. What followed is better heard in this song itself.

Download and view lyrics of the song : YASHODI SUNDARI – Lyrics

Hats off to the poet for composing such a wonderful song. What is more impressing is the tune set to the song, which does not imitate any other tunes. Eventhough no rhyming is followed, due to the chastediction the song becomes catchy and no wonder why this was handed down from generation to generation.This is still live in places around Kochi, as well as around Mangalore, as I have heard it from many elderly ladies with two type of singing styles. However I was fortunate enough to capture one such audio version which I am sharing with you all today. The voice heard is that of Smt.Vimala Shenoy of Ernakulam, sung about 18 years back and remained in my collection. It gives me immense pleasure to also share the lyrics of the song, which might differ a bit for obvious reasons, in the attached pdf document, so that listeners can also become readers to enjoy the song to the full. The script is Nagari, not difficult to follow.

Two Konkani organizations from Kochi deserve my gratitude for making this possible – Konkani Bhasha Prachar Sabha for printing “Loka Geet” collection containing this text way back in 1978, and Kerala Konkani Academy for arranging the Folklore Seminar in 1993 when the singing got documented. Thanks to Radio Idli team for the initiative on Konkani Kasturi..


  1. Sir
    i would love to download these bhajans
    yashodi sundari and seethakalyan (aika re tu puttaa)
    can u help me out

  2. Hi Sreepriya, I will place a request with the original author and let you know. Thanks for the comments!

  3. My mom sung this song for me when i was kid, I just remembered this and searched for this ,thank God I found this song ,thank you so much Nagesh mam for uploading this…..

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