Vilas Nayak’s masterpiece performance in memory of C. Ashwath

Vilas Nayak had a memorable feature sometime back on Radio Idli. He is a superstar artist excelling the unique art of instant portraits that is showcased through his “Hues and Tunes” performances. Vilas shares with us here a video of his landmark performance to a thrilled audience of 20,000. The event – ” Kannadave Satya, Ashwath Nitya” was held on the first death anniversary of C. Ashwath, a revered composer and singer of the Kannada language.

The show created a world record with 3500 singers performing on the same stage including the legendary S P Balasubramanian.

Vilas’ performance here is a great tribute to the artist, and a great exhibit of his exceptional gifted talent.

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