Child prodigy from UAE – Hamsika Shanbhag

Our next offering is a Sai Bhajan sung by 7 year old Hamsika Shanbhag.  This bubbly little girl is the daughter of Shanti & Anand Shanbhag & a student of grade III at KGS, Dubai.  Hamsika has been training under Hindustani classical singer Smt.Chitra Ghosh for the past two years.
We do hope you will like Hamsika’s rendition of “Janam diya tune Sai ko….” , originally sung by Kavita Krishnamurthy. Hamsika would love to receive your blessings via comments posted at radioidli Get An Audience!

Editor’s Note: A special thanks to Anand for all the efforts he has put, to get this song recorded at a specialised recoding studio – Krishnanand (Sankalp) Nayak



  1. Hamsika is really blessed with the lovely voice. the bhajans she sings are really amaizing, at this young age she is so well tuned, there is a long way for her future. she is encouraged by her parents Mrs.Shanti & Mr.Anand Shanbhag,who are also a melodious bhajan singers. I wish her all the best for her future. Keep it up hamsika.

  2. Hamsika is really a charming and cute baby with harmonious voice… She sings really startling….It’s really great dear. All the best and keep on achieving…

  3. Good job hamsika!! We are proud of you and have seen you been trained under the loving guidance of our BABA!! Keep it up.

  4. Well done Hamsika….!!!!
    You do have a bright future ahead….
    All the very best for your future…& well done!!!

  5. Dear Nagesh & Sankalp,

    We have been following RadioIdli for quite some time now & sincerely appreciate the time and hardwork put in by the entire team @ Radioidli to showcase GSB talent from India as well as abroad. Special thanks to Aruna for her encouragement & coordination.

    It is with great pleasure that we see and hear familiar names….friends and acquaintances from around here, featured on RI. Needless to say, having Hamsika’s song (her very first studio recording) featured here gives us, her parents, immense pleasure.

    Do keep up the good work.

    We wish to thank Shri Akshay Acharya for his generous help in recording the song at his studio.

    A Special “Thank You” from a very happy Hamsika to Nagesh mam & Sankalp mam for posting her rendition. She seeks blessing from you as well as all the listeners of RI as she sets out on this musical journey.

    Warm regards

    Anand & Shanti

  6. Keep up the good work of promoting our children!! sweet voice, sweetly sung. Good job by the tech team also.

  7. Hamsika has sung the bhajan very well. Though I have heard her singing many times, this piece has come out nice. Wishing Hamsika many more such sweet melodies and a bright future as singer…

    Ramesh Pai (Abu Dhabi)

  8. Wishing Hamsika a great future,I have heard Hamsika sing Bajans many times,it is really a treat to hear her sing Bajans at this young age.I think credit must also go to her parents Shanthi and Anand for picking up her talent early and training her.God Bless them.Keep singing.
    Subash and Veena Shanbhogue

  9. Well done Hamsika.

    I believe you’ve got great potentials. This is a soulful song and you have sung it so beautifully that too at the tender age of 7.

    Best wishes to you on all of your upcoming songs

    Prashant Shenoy (Abu Dhabi)

  10. I am sure Hamsika will one day be as famous as Lata mangeshkar. Does any one doubt this?

  11. Dear Anand,Shanti & Hamsika,

    CONGRATULATIONS to all of you on Hamsika’s “debut” studio performance.Sweet song sung by a sweet child of sweeter parents.Looking forward to hear more from the singer family!

    Love and Blessings to dear Hamsi
    Srinivas & Vidhya Kini

  12. Dear Anand n Shanti
    last time we met you all in Dubai Hamsika was just a year old. Since then she has come a long way by Baba’s Grace to become such a melodious singer at the age of 7 years!
    We were delighted listening to her singing the Sai Bhajan with such meaningful lyrics so clearly and sweetly. May God Bless you and the whole family.
    Om Sai Ram

  13. Truly a melodious and touching rendition at such a tender age! Hamsika deserves every accolade she is getting and more.

    Here’s wishing Hamsika a magical future in the world of music and melody.

    Best wishes,

    Nakul Shenoy
    Bangalore, India

  14. well what do i say??? everyone has said it.. Hamsika has a gifted voice and ya it has come from Anand Uncle and Shanthi Aunty… Hamsika you had done a gr8 job!! Keep it up and keep singing.. waiting to hear more…


  15. Well done , Hamsika!

    Your rendition of this beautiful bhajan is a pleasure to hear. Here’s wishing you all the best for a bright future….

    Sandeep and Sangeeta Mallya

  16. Keep it up Hamsika. Very well rendered bhajan by a blessed child of blessed parents.

  17. Hamsika,

    Well done! You get five stars for the song & your enthusiasm * * * * *

    Keep it up!! 🙂

    Aruna & Girish Kamath

  18. Well done Hamsika,

    This is Ramesh Uncle from Mumbai.Keep it up.We all pray that you render many Sai songs with his Blessings in the years to come.

  19. As the appreciative comments keep coming, i must confess being late in responding to your overwhelming responses, dear listeners.

    Thank YOu so much for your encouragement.

    @ Hamsika: It was really our greatest pleasure to host your performance. Many years down the line when you become a good performer, which we wish, You and I both of us can share this post with everyone.. what say?

    @Anand and Shanthi — I must thank you and ARuna-akka for taking all the efforts to record the song professionally which makes for such good content. Kindly do give us the opportunity to host Hamsika’s performances in the future. WE will eagerly await that.

  20. Every thursday i watch in amazement at this seven year old singing bajans at a sai gathering in deira. One of the remerkable features i found in her singing is the immense self confidence she has in carrying out the song as though she has learnt the song many years back. Secondly its the versitility in rendering different types of songs. Also its rare to see a singer singing in the right sruti from the harmonium at this tender age.

    Apart from the guidence of her parents who themselves sing extremely well, its the blessings of swami showered on her at this young age. Wishing her a bright future in the world of music!!

  21. Hello Hansika,

    I just happened to browse this amazing RI website specially dedicated to unite & uphold the values of our very enterprising Konkani(Saraswat)community.Glad I did that.

    It was pleasure listening to your excellent rendition of a beautiful Sai bhajan. May Shri Sai continue to grace you with melodius voice & give you lots of opportunities to sing His glory for every one to enjoy. Wish you also the very best in your educational pursuits.


  22. Dear Hamsika… today only i happened to hear ur song while searching for d same song sung by Kavitha krishna murthy. nicely sung dear.. my hearty wishes n prayers for more perfections in future too… keep on practising. With Love.. gayathri Sai Darshan.

  23. Dear Hamsika,

    Your voice is very good. You have done a great job.
    If possible, kindly send this ‘karaoke’ track to my mail ID
    I will try the same with my daughter.. My mail ID


    Jagannatha Rao K

  24. dear hamsika,
    your song is nice.your voice is good too.but let me tell you that it is no prodige.i myself know people who sing much better yet their talents remain undiscovered because they don’t have opportunity or the luck as you happens in india (maybe in many other countries ).remember there is no end to talent.keep up the good work.i believe you will become a very good singer someday.god bless!

  25. Well done Hamsika, you have already got the blessings of sai.
    You are lucky and your future is bright.

  26. Hi Shanti,

    It was very nice to see Hamsika singing. It think i heard her song after a long time. It was very sweet and amazing. Also do upload this song in facebook also. Take care and all the best to Hamsika.


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