Sarathkumar Prabhu’s latest film release- WHYGA

We recently had the privilege of interviewing Sarath Kumar Prabhu, a young GSB achiever along with some other senior members. Sarath Kumar has also released a Konkani movie, Nandu, in the past. We are glad to share here the latest directorial masterpiece of our own Sarath released through his flagship banner – GoSree Movies. The movie, though in Malayalam, is a great piece of artistic work by our own brethern. Will invite all to watch this promo video and wish Sarath Kumar all the very best in his endeavor.

Read the original words of Sarath, containing his dream and excitement before the launch of the movie.

Quote: Sarath Kumar Prabhu (from his Facebook post)

My new short film WHYGA post production work is in progress, and now working with recordings. This story is based on child abuse which happens around the world. Its not imaginary story; it’s a real situation I have come across in Kerala. This short film trying to give some message and educate people about the problem that children are facing in current situations.

I am Happy that my WHYGA work was successful. All credit goes to my team members; specially Baby Sathya lakshmi who have done small girl role have acted excellent, Sadhika Venugoal have also done her role beautifully and Sabu Mangalasserril supported her very well. My friends Sivaraj P Kochi and Alby helped me a lot during shooting.

To say about technical aspects I got good support from Cinematographer Vishnu Nandan,Who have placed some beautiful frames. I am Happy to say that my teachers specially Vinod Kumar P Bhaskaran ( my +2 teacher, T.D.H.S.S. THURAVUR) supported me very well and from St. Albert school ekm. and Sundaresh S Pai given his flat for shoot .Now coming to Editing I had a talented editor Cr Sreejith( associate editor of vijay sankar, manoj) who have done editing for many major malayalam movies recently and he worked excellently or this film. The dubbing work is done by Pradeep, sharika and valsamma dubbing artists of malayalam film industry.

Here comes another major department in films that is music. My schoolmate and a well known music director in Malayalam film industry Kannan Nath joined his hands for WHYGA Music and back ground music too. I was relaxed because Music parts were safe in his hand, and he have done it very well too. Final department DI coloring is done by one of my Good Friends Sunil Kamath, who does DI coloring for bollywood movies.

My Heartfelt thanks to my Friends Sreejith Pai V , Santra Sanjo , Rajesh Dm, Suma Rajesh who always supported me and inspired me to make this movie.

Now everything set with good input of Hard work and struggle from our side…Now waiting for same response and Wishes from Audience for this WHYGA… Hoping the Best result…. Let’s all pray the Almighty for the Grand Success of this Movie…


All the best Sarath Kumar!!

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