“Saat Chendi Chelyon” performance at Konkani Sammelan 2012 by Houston, Texas Team

Houston Konkanis performed  a dance to the song  “Saath Chendi Chelyon” on Sunday, July 1 at Konkani Sammelan 2012 , held in Edison, New Jersey.

The performance was  a very big hit. The theme of the song was about the professional life, society has adopted, without giving importance to the family. The wives were frustrated about the professional nature of their husbands.

The Konkani lyrics to the song were written and sung by Gurudath Kamath, Aarti Kamath, Ramesh Kamath and Aparna Kamath. The performance was directed by Pushpa Shenoy. The lyrics of the song were hilarious and enjoyed by one and all. Since the lyrics were in Konkani, it was well suited for Konkani Sammelan and showed  how melodious Konkani songs can be.

This song was based on the Hindi song “Saat Saheliyan” from fim “Vidhata” (1982).

Listen to the attached song to experience it.

Saat Chendi Chelyon | Online Karaoke

Particpants of the performance are :

Sutradhaar Maam : Pushpa Shenoy

Doctor Couple : Vasant Bhat ( Khabbar editor ) and Poornima Bhat

Driver Couple: Narendra Rao and Gayathri Rao

Photographer Couple : Rohit Kamath and Charani Kamath

Dancer Couple : Sunil Shenoy and Sandhya Shenoy

Drunkard (Pivndo) Couple: Gurudath Kamath and Aarti Kamath

Bank Manager Couple : Ramakrishna Prabhu and Maya Prabhu

Cook (Ranpo) Couple : Ramesh Kamath and Aparna Kamath

All couples in this performance are couple in real life except the photographer coupleCharani (16 years old – Daughter of Gurudath & Aarti Kamath) and Rohit (12 years old –Son of Ramesh & Aparna Kamath). Charani and Rohit also took part in the KonkaniBhaas debate and they were MC’s for the Sunday morning performances. They did an excellent MCeeing job in Konkani and English.

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