Shri Kiran Kamath’s exclusive album for Kannada Bhajan Lovers

Kiran Kamath

Being a great exponent of Hindustani Classical Music and a great teacher, Kiran-anna as i affectionately call him has been ever graceful towards the Radio Idli project. Whether it was helping organize Balachandra Prabhu‘s concert to even allowing us to video graph his performances, Shri Kiran Kamath‘s encouragement has been always smiling on our project.

With his continued generosity, Shri Kiran Kamath shares with us an exclusive album – Achyutananta Govinda, which was recorded as a personal effort for lovers of Kannada devotional music. Radio Idli is glad to share the complete album with encouragement and permission from Shri Kiran Kamath.

Achyutananta Govinda at Muziboo | Upload Music


  1. I had this wonderful opportunity to listen to the wonderful bhajans sung by Mr Kiran Kamath at Mysore some time back.His voice is simply mesmerising and listening to his bhajans I went into another world altogether.

    I request you to constantly update his latest bhajans and kirtans as also bhajans and kirtans sung in different languages by artists from our community on this site.

    Krishna Janamaashtamiya Subhasheyagalu

    Warm Regards


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