Shri Kiran Kamath’s exclusive album for Kannada Bhajan Lovers

With his continued generosity, Shri Kiran Kamath shares with us an exclusive album – Achyutananta Govinda, which was recorded as a personal effort for lovers of Kannada devotional music. Radio Idli is glad to share the complete album with encouragement and permission from Shri Kiran Kamath. Feel free to listen and buy the mp3 download of the album if you like, and would like to support Konkani Artists and Radio Idli.

Archana Aylee.. Swaran-cho Pavsu Aylo

The first singer of Radio Idli is here after a long study break. On learning that her fans are waiting, she could wait no more, much to our delight. Archana Kamath is back for all of us with Videos recorded by her father for our benefit.. She performs Omkara Swarupa and Shyam Teri Bansi for our longing ears.