A gift of love from the UAE Amchis

“Dil mein tujhe bithaake” from the film “Fakira” sung by Sangeeta Mallya.

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An E&E Engineering graduate from KREC, Sangeeta is the daughter of Smt Nirmala & Shri Hemachandra Kamath. It is their loving support and encouragement that nurtured her talent from a very young age. Sangeeta is the winner of Zee TV’s Antakshari Megafinals held in Goa in 1998.

Sangeeta dedicates this song to her husband, Dr.Sandeep Mallya, who has always whole-heartedly supported her in her musical endeavours.


  1. Dear Sangu,
    I tried posting a comment y’day, but could not. I came by again. 🙂
    Delighted to hear your melodious rendition after so many years.Your voice is as sweet as I remember…pls keep singing always, and yes do send me links to such online ventures.
    rgds to your family- Sadhana, aunty, uncle, sandeep,swati…

  2. Sangeetha, really brilliant voice you got there.

    Do hope to hear more of you on Radio Idly.

    On behalf of the ‘Konkani Dictionary Project’, thanks for this rather nice treat.

    (Thanks also to Aruna for making this possible, I am pretty sure she’s got more up her sleeves)

  3. This is one of the best songs Sangeeta has ever sung. We have known Sandeep and Sangeeta for the past 15 years or so, and have been fortunate enough to enjoy several musical evenings together. Sangeeta always manages to mesmerize us with her lovely and soulful singing.

    Sandeep, waiting to hear you @ radioidli 🙂

  4. Dear All,

    Excellent Performance by Sangeeta Mallya, we are some of the fortunate ones who get to see her live performance in Dubai. Her dedication of the song to her Husband Dr Sandeep Mallya is very perfect. He is a Gem of a Person. Keep it up.


    Rajiv Kamat

  5. Sangeeta,

    Beautiful absolutely beautiful, I cannot say how amazed I was to hear you after so long…made my whole family listen to your voice…excellent!
    I wish to see you perform live and that would be a real treat. Also if you have any more collections on the web do forward them on to me…


  6. Sangeeta,singing talent is a God’s gift to you It’s you who persisted in singing with yr zeal n passion n won laurels in many competetions ably supported by yr husband Dr Sandeep Mallya.
    Today as parents we are so happy that both you n yr elder sister Sadhana can enthral any audience with your soulful singing.
    May God Bless you Nagesh n Aruna for lighting this musical lamp on RadioIdli from UAE Amchis Let’s have more lamps n make our lives bright n
    cheerful. Om Sai Ram.


  8. “The talent we see today in the singing contests shows the talent that is out there in our country. Unfortunately they dont get the appropriate exposure. Ms. Sangeeta’s is one such voice. I hope she keeps singing on Radio Idli more and more.
    RD Shenoy”

  9. lovely voice it was soothing to hear sangeetha. Feel very proud that she is amchi. Looking forward to hear more numbers from these sisters.

    Sujatha Bhat

  10. Excellent voice and good recording… enjoyed hearing your song and voice too. Hope to hear more of your songs…all the best for your future…

  11. Sangeeta way to go!!! congrats on yet another meloncholic performance which beats the original closely…cheering you always for more:)))

  12. “Dil Mein Tujhe Bithaake
    Kar Lenge Hum Bandh Aankhen
    Pooja Karenge Teri
    Icon Jo Hai Aap Meri

    Dev Bare Karo !!”

  13. “It was a pleasure to hear you again!
    Looking forward to many more……”

  14. “Absolutely Fantastic, such a nice song in magical voice, just like original song. I heard many times and it is soul soothing.

    May God bless you and pray you acheive the best. All the best.”

  15. “On behalf of Radio Idli, i would first want to welcome all our new users.

    This is after a very long time that we have received so many enthusiastic comments on a single post.

    Thats the magic of Sangeeta’s voice and Aruna-akka’s help in getting her talent presented on the site”

  16. “Absolutely Brilliant The Name Speaks for the Talent “”Sangeeta”” – Music.
    god bless her”

  17. “I have heard this melodius voice many times.I am sorry that I am not in India to promote this talent in our music industry.She could be one of the foremost singers in our country,given the opportunity.Her sister is also a good singer.Together they could take over for Lata and Asha.
    I am also their proud Uncle.
    Thanks Radio Idli”

  18. “Sangeeta, really great voice you got there.

    Well done indeed and I do hope to hear more of you on Radio Idly.

    On behalf of the ‘Konkani Dictionary Project’ thanks again for this rather wonderful treat.

    (Thanks to Aruna as well for making this happen, and I am pretty sure she’s got more up her sleeves)”

  19. “This is one of the best songs sung by Sangeeta ever. We have known Sandeep & Sangeeta for the past 15 years or so & have been fortunate enough to enjoy several musical evenings. Sangeeta always manages to mesmerize us with her lovely soulful singing.

    Well done Sangeeta and wishing you both best of luck.

    Sandeep, waiting to hear you @ radioidli :-)”

  20. “It was simply wonderful. Voice is very melodious and singing is flawless. I am sure
    one day we will be listening a HIT SONG originally sung by Sangeeta rather than a Karaoke number. Let us wish her the day should rech soon. Kudos, Radio Idli team !! With videos and photos you are more than a radio !!”

  21. I got a chance to listen to that beautiful voice again.I hope Radio Idli keeps at it with her songs.Congratulations to Sangeeta,Sandeep and the proud parents.KEEP IT UP!

  22. “Sangeeta!

    Yet another wonderful soul-stirring rendition. You add magic to the songs! 🙂

    Here’s wishing you all the best, and magical success in the world of melody!

    @ Radio Idli:

    I have in the past enjoyed the good fortune to listen to Sangeeta Mallya in person, and must thank you for bringing back those lovely memories.

    Keep up the good work you are doing to encourage exceptional talents from the community.

    Best wishes, always,


  23. Excellent Performance, we are some of the fortunate ones who get to see her live performance in Dubai. Her dedication of the song to her Husband Dr Sandeep Mallya is very perfect. He is a Gem of a Person. Keep it up.

  24. “Congratulations Sangeeta.
    We all are proud of you.Thank you for coming to Bangalore and entertaining us with enchanting songs with your sister Sadhana on 11th May.You both have great voice.

  25. Amazingly melodious voice. Its such a delight to hear your song each time. Next time proabaly a duet with Dr.Sandeep ;-).

  26. “You have a wonderful, sweet and mesmerizing voice. Looking forward to hear more songs from you.

    Good job RadioIdli.net!


  27. “Lovely voice – as usual ….how we miss those weekends and the gang !!!


  28. “Sangeetha,

    Good Song Selection & Melodious rendering.
    Continue the Voice Culture & aim for the top.

    Thanks to Radioidli for creating such a wonderful platform for the hidden talents.”

  29. “Hey Sangeetha,

    We are really lucky to hear both the sisters live from time to time……. and yes as Mr.Raval N Sandhya Kamath said the duet song which u sing is excellent, i think we should upload the duet songs sung by Dr.Sandeep and Sangeetha Mallya. also we should upload the lovely songs of Sadhanakka who is also a great singer in UAE”

  30. “Excellent! Mindblowing!fantastic!

    Dil Mange More…Hope to hear few more melodies Sangeetha.Best Wishes.”

  31. Hi Sangeetha,

    Your song took me back in time for about 20 years..!! It was like sitting (more so lying..!!) in the pink coloured open air auditorium, on a rainy night, closing the eyes, and savouring your songs with Jyotin, Rabha, Ajey, Darshan, Ravi on the instruments….! Or sometimes waiting for our turns..!!

    I would be lying if I say that your voice has not changed. It has become much more sweeter…!

    God Bless..!


  32. I am really overwhelmed by the encouraging comments by my friends and well-wishers.

    Once again I wish to thank all those who have taken the time to write in their comments and touched my heart.

    I also want to thank the three persons who are responsible for making this happen…

    Firstly , my dear friend Aruna (Shenoy) Kamath, who persuaded me to submit my song, and without whose help this “debut” would not have been possible…

    I would then thank the “Pillars” of Radio Idli – Nagesh Pai and Krishnand Nayak, who gave me this opportunity, and I hope I didnt let them down….

    I would request all my friends to whole-heartedly support these gentlemen in their noble cause by continuing to encourage future talent from our community.

  33. Hi Sangeeta,

    Congratulations on your debut on Radioidly!!
    Your rendition of this song is absolutely perfect.You have an excellent voice and always
    put in your best effort in singing any kind of song.I am lucky to be your sister and share wonderful singing moments with you.Keep up the good work. The whole family is proud of you!!
    Lots of love,Akka.

  34. Hi Sangeeta,

    I came to know about your ‘Radioidli’ singing performance through my sister Aruna; I am also glad to know that Aruna took the initiative on this. I was fortunate to hear you at Girish/Aruna’s place when I was on a trip to Dubai last year; during that trip I also got an opportunity to meet and hear many other Konkani talents in the town. I congratulate you and all others who has supported you. My regards to Sandeep.

    Awaiting to hear more from you like this.

    With Best Regards,

    Kiran Kumar (Milwaukee)

  35. Sangeeta,

    Thanks for sharing this nice song as usual in your melodious voice.

    I heard first time your voice at KREC and I think the song was:
    “Rajanigandha Phool Tumhare, Maheke Yuhin Jeevan Mein”.

    If possible please do share this song too.

    Thanks Wilfy for sending this song info.

    Ajitsinh, PMP
    Silicon Valley

  36. Hi Sangeeta

    It was great to hear your wonderful voice again…and yes brought back fond memeories of college days (as wilfy has mentioned). Its nice that your voice is still as mesmerizing as it was then, hope to hear more from you.


  37. Hi Sangeetha,

    It was a wonderful flashback … to 20 years back at the SAC and the music room in KREC (NITK). Your singing is enthralling as always.

    Best wishes for enthralling your audiences more and more with your songs with each passing year.


  38. Hi Sangeeta,

    Its really great to listen to your voice after so many years and you sound, as you always have.. simply superb. Listening to your song has brought back all those sweet musical memories of KREC when we used to practice every song to perfection. Hope to hear many more from you and a “farmaish” from me is “aaj kal paav zameen par nahin padte mere”. I still reminisce the time when I had accompanied you on the keyboards for this song almost 22 years ago.
    Keep it up!!!

    Thanks Wilfy for the info.


  39. Dear Sangeeta,

    Great song sung by a great singer of our AMCHI community.We are really proud to have you among us.You are our inspiration and hope to hear many more wonderful songs from you.

    Best Wishes
    Vidhya & Srinivas Kini
    Abu Dhabi

  40. Wow Sangeetha,
    I worked under your Dad for many years. I loved to talk to him, as he was the most humorous man i ever met, with his never ending collection of jokes, fit for any occasion.
    Well i would now add that listening to his daughters voice, as another de-stressor.
    Your voice is just simply melodious & absolutely refreshing to hear.
    Please do sing more. People need such SOOTHING HEARS.

  41. Sangeeta, that was excellent.Reminded me of music club days. Your voice is still the same. Hope to hear your melodious voice more often.


  42. Hi Sangeetha,

    Simply awesome!!! really enjoy the track more or like original. keep up the great work

  43. Sangeeta,I was just browsing the net and saw this ,Wow!!! your voice is very sweet as usual, it brought back all the KREC memories of the practices and the shows we did 25 years back, Congratulations and keep it up, My farmaish is the song of Mera Saya. Hope to hear more songs in future.

    Nitin Dave

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