Most Awaited Idli from UAE..

Harish with son HardikHarish Pai arrives on Radio Idli, from the Middle East.

A strange thing happened last week.  Over and above the din of financial markets crashing around the world, we could hear a strange chanting from across the Arabian sea.  It kept getting stronger and stronger..until we could hear it oh so very clearly.  “makka Idli jaayi…makka Idli jaayi” !! 

Curious to know more, we checked the amchigeleuae yahoo group.  There too, we saw the same “makka Idli jaayi..makka Idli jaayi” !!

And then it hit us. The UAE Amchis were all eagerly waiting to hear their local celebrity singer Harish Pai on Radio Idli!!

Here it is then, a weekend treat for the UAE amchis and indeed, for all of us music lovers!
Kehna Hai – Harish Pai | Upload Music
Originally from mumbai, Harish has been living in Dubai for the past 13 years.  He is currently working for FedEx as Senior credit Controller.  Friendly & soft-spoken, Harish is very popular in the local GSB circle for his amazing singing talent. He was a semi-finalist in Zee TV’s Sa Re Ga Ma Pa World series. 

We thank Harish for sharing this track “kehna hai…” with us.
St(r)eaming hot idlis, served from all the way across the Arabian sea!
In the picture: Harish with his wife Deepali and son Hardik:

Harish, Hardik and Deepali


  1. Listening in to Harish brings back wonderful magical memories of the couple of times I had the occasion to listen to him live… Harish creates wonder with his voice.

    Sing on, Harish!



  2. Lage raho Harish Pai.

    Very pleasant to hear your refreshing voice on radio idli. Looking forward to more.


  3. Simply Great!Harish Pai is really ‘The Pride of UAE Amchis’! We are more than delighted to listen to him on Radio Idli!
    Congrats Harish n thankyou Radio Idli for the steaming hot idli served on this Friday (Weekend for UAE) morning.

  4. Harish,

    Simply great, it brings back to memory melliflous rending of songs by Kishore Da.

    We wish to listen more songs from you…

    Gopalakrishna Shenoy

  5. Indeed the wait was worth ! A mouthwatering idli from UAE !!

    Keep it up, Harish Pai !
    Your voice is appealing and carries weight, whether on stage or on radio. It has enriched the Radio Idli collection.

    Wish you many greater heights and laurels.

    Best regards,
    Ramesh Pai

  6. Hi Harish It was an excellent rendition of a beautiful romantic song. You have sung it from the bottom of your heart. My wife Pragati and I enjoyed listening to it and we both congratulate you. Keep it coming more and more!! Thanks Radio Idli Shukrara sakaaniche breakfast potbhari jalle.

  7. Harish Anna really gr8.. I wana hear”Main Agar Kahoon” radio idli…Really rocking music…

  8. Harish,

    v had two idlis for breakfast today morning but the idlis served by u was sumptous…..hav been listning to u since childhood.. and will never ever forget that u made my wedding a SPECIAL one….exactly 5 yrs since….. simply stunning…. listners expect more comming from my musical bade bro….

  9. Hi! Bro excellent mindblowing history….

    You are a professional singer, nice to hear you in radio idli.

    You always rock… my best wishes to you…

    Your’s Loving,


  10. Hi! Bro Excellent Mindblowing History…….

    You always rock man…. good voice quality & very professional….

    Nice to hear you in radio idli…


    Urs Loving,

  11. Hi harish…

    Excellent voice…..keep singing..i guess radioidli is a website where u can sit and watch\listen with kids and parents ..keep up the good work Radio Idli…hats off to you!!!

    Dev Bare Karo


    Vivek Baliga and Family

  12. Thanks for all your kind comments.. Thanks to Aruna and Harish’s photo on her facebook from where we got started to get His track on Radio Idli to be accessed forever, on demand 🙂

    Stay Tuned!
    Team Radio Idli

  13. Hello Harish,






  14. Hey Harish,

    we are lucky people to hear you live, its really wonderful to hear you once again on radio idli… keep up the good work and waiting to hear more…………

    have a wonderful n great future.

    thanks nagesh for publishing it on radio idli


  15. Hey Harish

    Finally we get to hear you whenever we want:-)at the click of a mouse!!

    no comments on your singing bro…our expression says it all :)))

    Keep singing n charming the people of UAE


    Divya n Ajit

  16. Hi Harish,

    Its always a pleasure to listen to your voice. It gets even better that now we can listen to it online.


    Sandhya & Raval

  17. Good Job Harish! It is evergreen number in melodious voice. No doubt it is yammy idlis served from the deserts of U.A.E. Hope to hear more from you. Cheers to Radio idli team and Aruna for making a wonderful serving.

    Ganesh, Sujatha and Meghana

  18. Harish,

    It’s great to listen to you on Radioidli!

    We have always enjoyed your melodious and soulful singing and look forward to many more music sessions.

    Good work, Team Radioidli! Its wonderful to see talent being recognized and encouraged.


    Girish Kamath

  19. Congratulations, Harish!
    Brilliant rendition (as usual :-))

    It is always a pleasure to hear you sing as I have had the privilege of singing a number of memorable duets with you.
    Hope to hear more of your songs on Radio Idli.

    Sangeeta Sandeep Mallya

  20. Hi Harish,

    Wow, great rendition. A pleasure to listen to your soothing and soulful voice and hope to hear more of you in the future.

    All the best. Keep up the good work!

    Warm Regards,

  21. Dear All,

    Thank you for all the wonderful and lovely comments. Its an honour and pleasure to feature on Radio Idli and I am really thrilled.

    Wouldn’t have been possible without the ever helpful Aurna, who came up with the idea and introduced me to Nagesh Pai and Sankalp, the brains behind the radio idli. My sincerest thanks to both of them for doing such a great job of encouraging and recognising talents.

    Again thank you to everyone for the support and encouragment. It means a great deal to me.
    You will surely hear more songs from me in the future.

    I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my family for ever appreciating and being supportive.

    “Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” Therefore always keep in touch with music!!!!!!

    Cheers,Harish Pai

  22. Hi Harish,

    Congratulations to you for being a Radioidli
    Your voice and rendition of this soulful song is wonderful and very close to original
    Kishoredas singing.
    Hope to hear many more songs in future !
    Best wishes,
    Sadhana Manohar Mallya

  23. Hi Harish…

    good job….keep it up…
    awaiting for some more hits…

    Congrats to you for being a Radioidli Star!

    Wish you all the very best…


  24. Dear Harish,
    You are truly our amchi Kishore!Brilliant song and with your voice the right emotion of the song can be felt.
    Best wishes
    Vidhya Srinivasa Kini

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