Konkani Song on Hindi Karaoke

Ever imagined a Konkani song on a Hindi Karaoke track ? Listen to this song – original is a Hindi film song from ‘Meraa Saaya’ released in 1966, and sung by Smt. Lata Mangeshkar. But here we have a devotional song in Konkani. Perhaps some of you have heard a portion during some bhajan sessions, especially in and around Kochi. But this one, we are sure, is going to be a treat for your ears.

Audio files below :

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The song starts as “Toonchita Shree Venkateshu…Tuje Naanva Shreenivaasu” – The singer is Smt. Vidya Kini from Abu Dhabi, UAE. She has presented this song with full devotion to Lord Srinivas, adding wholehearted love and affection for her husband Sri. Srinivas Kini. Payyanur Ramesh Pai has contributed the lyrics. Voice & track mixture and recording was done by Sri. Vittaldas Kamath.

Editor’s Note: Shri Ramesh Pai Maam is a great support for us. It is very kind of him to share with his experience and guidance for our humble and young project. With firm knowledge of our heritage and culture, you will find him accepting and embracing newer trends and technology. His esnips folder with a great collection of Konkani bhajans is a treasure! We hope Ramesh-maam with his continued encouragement will help us showcase more hidden treasures of our Samaaj….. (nagesh pai)



  1. Great job, Vidhya! Hope to hear more from you at the site as well as ‘live’ 🙂

    Ramesh mam, we really appreciate your enthusiasm. We have never ever met anyone else so wholeheartedly dedicated to the cause of ‘mai bhaas’, our mother tongue Konkani.

    We’d love to see more of your contributions here at Radioidli.

    Warm regards,

    Aruna & Girish Kamath

  2. Congratulations to Ramesh Pai mam for composing such a wonderful Bhajan which goes very well with the music. I would also like to thank him for giving me this opportunity to sing this Bhajan dedicated to “Lord Shri Venkataramana” on Radio Idli. Also Thanks to Vittal & Shubha Kamath, Prashant & Sahana Shenoy and my hubby Srinivas for their support.

    Last but not the least, thanks to “Radio Idli” for giving this platform to perform.

    Best regards
    Vidhya Kini

  3. Dear Vidya,

    Awesome and gr8 team work by Pai mamu, yourself and others. Being closer to Antarctic it is a soothing balm to hear our Amchies.. singing as we feel ourselves being closer to home. Pls keep up the good work…

    Thanks to Radio idli

    Best wishes
    Duendin, NZ

  4. Congrats !! Vidya !! I heard your Konkani devotional song, penned by Sri Ramesh Pai, music arranged by Sri Vittaldas Kamath to the tune of Well-known Hindi Song “Mera Saya”

    When we both were shortlisted in the Zee Anthakshari Auditions, You could not participate in the Zee Anthakshari, as you could not shuttle regularly from Abudhabi to Dubai for 10 days shooting at Zee Studios. Now with this “Mera Saya” song, you have once again presented your talent to the music-lovers. Looking forward to more performances.

    Mohan Kamath.

  5. Congratulations, Vidhya !
    It is nice to hear a Konkani song based on a familiar tune, and you have done a wonderful job …Wish you all the best , and hope to hear more songs from you.
    Warm Regards, Sandeep & Sangeeta Mallya

  6. Dear Vidhya,

    Excellent voice & superbly sung. Suknaya & myself are clean bowled out.

    You are a great inspiration to all the other Konkani lovers.

    A big round of applause from Goa.

    We will forward this to Radio Mirchi Goa.

    Roopak & Sukanya

  7. Vidhya Mangeshwar of Dubai,Wow!!

    Unbelievable,unfoldment of your inner Voice totally dedicated to Lord Srinivasa and ur own Srinivas 🙂

    Great,Soothing,Melodious all combined.A voice that is truely divine.Keet it up!!

    My parents have heard you and join us in congratulating you & Srinivas!!

    Eagerly awaiting to listen more from both of you personally at our place.

    Warm Regards,
    Nandini & Vishal

  8. Dear Vidhya,

    That was one real pleasant surprise about your singing prowess 🙂

    Great soulful rendition, excellent, keep up the good work.

    With love from Dubai,

    Nithyu & Annu

  9. Hi Vidhya,

    I just heard your song on website. Its great to hear Amchi song on internet.

    New York, USA

  10. Congratulations to Srinivas & Vidya Kini for the great job.

    Keep it up.

  11. Great initiative Pai mam and a fantastic effort from Vidhya Kini.

    Keep up with the good work.

  12. Greatest Song ever recorded in Konkani. Great job. New look forward to complete album from Vidhya..

    Deepak, Mangala and family

  13. now its time to forget western culture step by step
    congratulations for the success of PROUD TO BE KONKANI SONG after listening it i am really feeling proud

    and secondly lord srinivasa s bhajans were toogood filled with deep devotion
    i advise we should never forget our culture i also follow

    may this website progess for a still larser extent with much more attractions by lords grace

    THANKS & WARM REGARDS to all konkanis

  14. sundara…athi sundar padya.Meggele konkani bhandavank megeli shubha kaamana

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