TJ presents Puneri Thecha…

Starting this month a hatke combo for our idli listeners.. Puneri Thecha.. give it a listen Puneri thecha.mp3 *************************************************************************************** Kusuma Bhat An all new Puneri singer, does a wonderful debut..!! Kusuma Bhat presents a kannada bhajan ‘Bare namma mane tanaka’.. We have all heard this song before in Vidya bhooshan/Puttur Narasimha Nayak versions.. but then […]

13th Lucky Edition

Hosted this week by : RJ We-Wake (Vivek) Pai RJ talk… Dear friends, I am pleased to bring to you this week’s edition of Radio Idli, which coincidently its 13th (lucky) Edition! It is also a significant one since its the first time someone other than Nagesh anna is hosting it! So sit back and […]

12th Zodiac edition!

The journey at Radio Idli gets more and more exciting as we unravel newer talent, while our regular artists continue their rhythmic submissions week after week. We have speciality of our artists and their proud parents performing together!! This week we celebrate another step to progress with a dedicated South-India Edition coming up!! Yes Indeed.. […]

The First Contribution!!!

NOTE: Please Check the “STEAM HOT IDLI” post below first. :-)” Welcome to the first weekly edition of Radio Idli posting. With more entries coming from each of our correspondents and singers, i hope this frequency will increase till we will be forced to buy a broadcast frequency and a transmitter 🙂 THE FIRST CONTRIBUTION: […]