TJ presents Puneri Thecha…

Starting this month a hatke combo for our idli listeners.. Puneri Thecha.. give it a listen

Puneri thecha.mp3

Kusuma Bhat An all new Puneri singer, does a wonderful debut..!!

Kusuma Bhat presents a kannada bhajan ‘Bare namma mane tanaka’.. We have all heard this song before in Vidya bhooshan/Puttur Narasimha Nayak versions.. but then check this one.. This one i simply loved.. Lets see if u do too. Please leave a comment encourage her.



Shradha Nayak has done it again.. She has a english song for you.
Lets check out who shradha wants to spend her entire lifetime loving :).. Shradha with “I wanna spend my lifetime loving you ( a song by Tina Arena sans Marc Anthony)



Tejaswini Shenoy does a debut too!!
With a marathi song by yours truly.. Neela Rangi Rangale ..hope u guys enjoy listening to it as much as i loved singing it

nil rangi rangale….

Last but not the least!!

Ananth’s loving Mamama Mrs. Nirupama Shenoy lends her voice again :D. This time she wants her grandson to join her. Considering her enthu, he too lends his voice. Lets listen to her teaching Ananth his fave bhajan. 😀 ..Hope you like it.



Stay Tuned, Stay Beautiful…
Signing off
-Tejaswini “TJ” shenoy


  1. Tht was a great Edition!
    Kudos to the first female RJ of Radio Idli!

    AJ’s Mamoma :

    I like your voice very much.. Please dont ask/let AJ to mix his up with yours..
    (AJ, theekse translate karna )

  2. Hehe… Aparna u r rite..
    tried sumthin for d first time for a change.
    Well, Mamama’s song was not over 1.5 mins …so had to do some CHORUS in between. And her enthu was irrestible.. I hadddd to join.. Just u shld see d way she enacts “YO YO YO mejje mukaari” i cant control myslef when she does.. cute one hehe…

    Well Kusuma Bhat, wondaful song..keep it up..

    Shradha, hmm.. just good!! as usual..

    TJ… :OOOOO And thanks for presenting that!! AB waada kiya hai, agal edition ke liye tayyari karo..

    And from d rest .. ASHWIN KAMATH..Mind blowing bro.. Mamama was humming ur tune very late nite too.. N i guess u have inspired her to sing “Mera Jootha hai japani- a raj kapoor song” Im all geared up..!!:D 😛


  3. Congratulations to all of you on such a wonderful first edition from Pune!

    Brings back the memory of the lovely day i had at pune, including the sinhagadh trip.

    Keep the spice growing in its intensity!!

  4. 😀 Hey Tj, surprise surprise, huh? Amazing intro and ur singing talent was well hidden, i must say ;).

    Kusuma sings exceptionally well. Loved her voice too.

    Mamama, I lhaaauu ur enthusiasm!!!hey anna, u sing?? 😛 neways good duet.

    n of cors, Shradha’s contributed earlier… was a pleasure listening to her voice once again.

    Kharach, Puneri thechya ne sahi thaska dila 😉

  5. Welldone Tejaswini n Gang, enjoyed it every bit 🙂

    I pray that I am able to sing at Mamama’s age and able to contribute to Radio Idli … Truly inspirational singing. Mamama, may God bless you with good health and peace.

  6. I think this seems to be “the attack of Puneris” literally..
    The only one missing is Abhang Gulvady..

    AJ’s Mamoma’s voice rocks..
    Oye Phitte muuh Joysa,
    Tu beech mein taang mat ada re…
    Achcha nahi lagta.. 😛
    Let her mamoma be..
    Waise RI mein debut maarne ke liye thanks Joy..

    A great “Thecha” indeed..

    A hearty Welcome to RJ-TJ,the first female RJ of RI..

    Puneris Ahoy..

    Waiting for the next thikedaar edition..

  7. Kusumakka…..bhari laaika jalle tumgele padya….kana che servicing jalle pale…kushile pura aikunu kaanu keppo jallolo….vaire anantha…mammana padya saangthana notha aikuche sonu kassa maraya tugele corus….paapa mauma ka hathpaya ghalle vari jalle gi monu nave?Badda vai dhanya…megele mouma le udgasu ailo pale anantha…tukka ek hodu(hodu malleri hada hodu)thanx…..

  8. Hehe nice of ya..

    Just donworry!!! I have promised her to take to US someday.. Godwilling 🙂

    Definitely wil make her meet you…N the cute lil Atharv… I m sure she wil sing all dat again to him..hehe.. YEARS OF EXPERIENCE for in dat u c.. 😛

  9. AJ,I liked mamama’s song very son aditya who is 7 year old liked this song so much ki toh dha vela aikalo..ani saglo divasu thenchi hum karthashilo..would like to hear more from mamama…

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