Radio Idli – Seventeenth Edition!

Host: RJ Nagesh “Anna” Pai

Today is a very special day for Radio Idli, as alwayas. But the reason for today’s speciality is we will be having three editions. After the Southern Sambar coupling with the main edition, we now have some spice from Pune coming up soon! Any guesses about who the editor of that would be?

Keeping up my last weeks promise, here’s Radhika’s song crowning this week’s edition.
Radhika Hegde sings

Jaane kya

jaane kya.mp3

Return of a Star – Amit Savkur

After a long break Amit decides not to keep his fans waiting any longer. To our delight, here he returns!!

Surmai Shaam Is Ta…


Atharv Pai and Proud Ma Reshma

Atharv our youngest singer fills us with energy, reminding of one of the first rhymes we learnt.

Humpty Dumpty.mp3

His Mom Reshma, has been gracing the Radio for quite sometime. Here we are with another fabulous contribution from her – A Ganesha Bhajan.


The Telephone Duet! Archana and Vivek return with a great duet recorded over the phone

Chura liya viv arc…

Archana’s special

Archana continues her consistent musical spell with “Ajeeb Dastaan”

ajeeb daastaan arc…

Ashwin Kamath

The session today ends the traditional way with a song in Bhairavi.. Laaga chunari main daag, rendered beautifully by Ashwin.

laga chunri mein d…


WE have the southern sambar below.. and the Pune edition to follow above… Is Lokmaam gonna finally break his silence?? thats for the remainder of the weekend to say 🙂

Till then .. stay absolutely tuned.. and stay very very beautiful!!


  1. Radhika: Great Song and you carried it good!
    Amit: You are wonderful as always!!

    Atharva: Good one!! keep singing!!

    Reshma: Heard this bhajan after loong time , good one

    Archana: Archana its nice to listen to you,Both alone as well as in the duet!
    Vivek: You need more practise to match up with Archana 🙂 Dont mind!

    Ashwin : Great! This song brings out your talent .. fully!

  2. @Aparna Pai,
    Thanks aparna, me working hard to match up till her level! Its difficult since she is a very very talented singer, but me not in a mood to give up!

    But, really a heartfelt thanks, since people generally say only good thing, honest people like you are very rare! Thanks! 🙂

  3. Yayyyy!!! Atharv is back …. Good one boy (claps)

    Applause to everyone else as well, ye dil maange more …. hope to see you all again in the next edition

    Special mention for Ashwin, waah bhai, kya gaaya hai.

    – Amit Savkur

  4. Archana….that was what i meant by extra emotion in the song…too good!! 🙂

    Radhika…saheeeee…keep singing dearie
    Vivarch: Aparna mentioned what was in my mind ha ha…but dude, thatz the spirit!
    Ashwin: You’ve done a great Job
    Amit: I cannot saying anything else about your songs other than ‘fabulous’

  5. Hey vivs n archana has done a gr8 job , both sang well . Looking forward for some more numbers like this !!!!!

  6. thanx a lotttttt @ aparna and …@ reshma
    ashwin …gr888888 song
    vivek….u too rock
    archana…..ur the best gal 🙂
    amit……..tooooooo good

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