27th edition – Archana returns, Amit premieres again

Mukund Kamath from Mangalore debuts this week with a hindi karaoke.. “Chukar Mere manko”.. Mukund, welcome to the club! Look forth to more performances from your side. chukar mere man ko… ****************************************************** Archana Kamath, after her exam break and her college schedule has sent her recording, much to the joy of our waiting ears! She […]

26th edition – Amit Savkur’s movie soundtrack release

Hello Friends! Hope all of you had a nice week.. After a lull we have some great content this week. This week we have sounds from Mumbai, Pune, bangalore, mangalore! *********************************************************************************** Amit Savkur, our star singer shares with us a song from his recent release – Sound track of Marathi Movie “Evdha Sa Abhaal” Personally, […]

20th Edition – Decade two begins :-)

Presented by : Nagesh “anna” Pai Know more about Radio idli at : *********************************************************************** Congratulations Archana!! The 20th edition begins with a celebration. Archana Kamath emerged as a winner in a music competition held by Mumbai Mirror newspaper of the Times of India Group. Check the photographs of our victorious princess and the article […]

19th Edition!

Hello Listener’s dearest! Hope you all had a great week! Well, your weekend is gonna be good with so many nice contributions from our artists this time. Hearing them all and encouraging them will surely send your energies soaring high for the coming week! So here’s the 19th edition celebrating great performances and listnership! **************************************************************** […]

Edition Eighteen!

Radio Idli is today 18+, filled with the youthful vibrant voices of each of its participants, few of whom you see smiling in the photo album on the right hand side of the blog! ******************************************************************************* Amit Savkur has a treat for us week after week. This time we get to hear just his pristine voice, […]

Radio Idli – Seventeenth Edition!

Host: RJ Nagesh “Anna” Pai ************************************* Today is a very special day for Radio Idli, as alwayas. But the reason for today’s speciality is we will be having three editions. After the Southern Sambar coupling with the main edition, we now have some spice from Pune coming up soon! Any guesses about who the editor […]

1+1 = 11th Edition!!

Curiously Listening Brethern!! Welcome to the 11th edition. Like the title says, we are here to create synergy! Our talents put together bring in much more excitement than they would if they were to play in isolated pockets. So here we are again with some great contributions, each one of them unique and special in […]