Sanat Prabhu’s script and directorial debut movie – “The Guilt”

Sanat Prabhu’s creative talents are not new to Radio Idli. He has been among the earliest artists associated with the project. Today however, he presents to us a trailer of his directorial debut.. What’s more? Sanat has even written the script of this movie. The good news is that the movie will be screened at the International Film Festival in Jaipur! Watch the trailer and wish Sanat!

Haseen Pal – Short film by Sanat Prabhu

Sanat Prabhu, known on Radio Idli for his lovely songs, karaoke’s and the famous Kaapi with Sanat talk show series is bac..k after a break. This time he is back with a 20 min short film, he created in the final year of his engineering.The film is based on life of a studious final year student, who ends up learning a very important lesson beyond the textbook curriculum.

Sanat Prabhu Zoobie Do’s along

Sanat Prabhu is a young but veteran star of Radio Idli. He has perhaps experimented the most with his voice and tools of technology, all through his hostel room. Sanat has by far made the most innovative use of his voice through his excellent contributions like Kaapi With Sanat (bollywood talk show.. hear it to believe it). We present here a video of his performance, and an audio of a song where he sings Male as well as Female vocals!

Sanat’s Love Aaji Kaali

Much to the delight of Radio Idli visitors, one of our Earliest Stars – Sanat Prabhu is here to rock us all with his amazing voice, and amazing audio mixing. Sanat brings to you a song from the movie Love Aaj Kal, which beautifully shows the amazing high pitch capability of his voice! Apart from his scintillating performances, Sanat, has been the host of a very popular show on Radio Idli – Kaapi with Sanat, where he “interviewed” bollywood stars through his own invented technique. You may check the shows through

Shivraatri – Talents awakened

GSB Sabha Mumbai Celebrates 5 years of Satsang – a visual report Chief Guest – Shri Govind Ramadas, a great exponent and propagator of the Gita. The GSB Sabha of Mumbai, celebrated its fifth year of satsang. The sessions are held every month on the first Saturday, where one particular section of the Holy Gita […]

Akshay Kumar on hot seat – Kaapi with Sanat

After some hard talk with “Shahrukh”, “Aamir Khan”, “Sanju Baba” etc (please note the quotes mark in each of the star names) he is now all set to unveil the secrets of “Akshay Kumar” who is hot and happening these days. In his own creative way and through his original concept, Sanat Interviews “Akshay Kumar” […]

Sanjay Dutt "interviewed" – Kaapi with sanat (extra strong)

After the long standing hearing of Sanju baba, Sanat baba scrutinizes what lies below the Gandhi topee that the actor is wearing these days (inside yerwada with his other inmates). So here we go.. Gandhigiri demystified.. courtesy sanat. Episode-3.mp3 For the convenience of all our listeners.. here is a collection of all three Kaapi with […]