Breathless – Sanat Prabhu

Sanat Prabhu, one of our earliest star perfomers is back with yet another karaoke masterpiece.. Breathless. Sanat has been known for his amazing innovations in Karaoke and his popular series – Kaapi with Sanat on Radio Idli.

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Check the entire post for Sanat’s latest recording

Breathless by Sanat: (use the widget below to play/download)

Breathless | Upload Music


  1. Hey Sanat.. Nice try mate.. Well done.. Keep up the good work.. Cheers.. \m/

    “Its all bout music and it always will be!”

  2. Excellent…. par excellence.
    Keep it up. How did u manage it???
    Was it again a gimmick through good editing??
    Keep it up…

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