Bantwal Teru 2009 by Dr. Kiran Baliga

 teruDr. Kiran Baliga, continues his holy service of last year, brings to us yet again, glimpses of the Teru of Bantwal. Rathotsavas ,  Chariot festivals or Car festivals as we may call it with different names.  Teru, in amgele konkani, is something very close to our heart which means to us a festival of overnight celebration, marked with grandeur, divinity and unity.  Read on and check the whole article for the videos….

Most of our hometown temples have its own utsavs, with Teru being celebrated on special days of the year. It is a tradition which has been followed since generations and is the heritage pride of every Saraswat.  Here are short video clips of the festival captured so very skillfully by Kiran for the benefit of all of us.  May the Lord bless Kiran for this wonderful service to all of us. (click )

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