Bantwal Teru (car festival) Video – 2010

With generous efforts and courtesy of Dr. Kiran Baliga, the Bantwal Teru is brought alive for the third year on the Internet for viewing by Radio Idli and YouTube users. Kiran has done an amazing work with the clear videography and amazing editing that has captured the grace of the Lord as well as our Revered Shishya Swamiji Shrimad Samyamindra Teertha Swamiji.

Bantwal Teru 2009 by Dr. Kiran Baliga

Dr. Kiran Baliga, continues his holy service of last year, brings to us yet again, glimpses of the Teru of Bantwal. Rathotsavas , Chariot festivals or Car festivals as we may call it with different names. Teru, in amgele konkani, is something very close to our heart which means to us a festival of overnight celebration, marked with grandeur, divinity and unity. (videos available in full article)

Bantwal Teru – Courtesy Dr. Kiran Baliga

Dr. Kiran Baliga provides all of us a pilgrimage to Bantwal Teru (chariot festival). This comes closely after the coverage of Mangalore teru by Kudpi Rajanikanth Shenoy, Nithin Rao and Prakash Kamath. *Flash news Announcement********************************************************* ” As per reliable sources, Budding Star Balachandra Prabhu has just left Hubli for his show in Mumbai.. He would […]