Bantwal Teru (car festival) Video – 2010

With generous efforts and courtesy of Dr. Kiran Baliga, the Bantwal Teru is brought alive for the third year on the Internet for viewing by Radio Idli and YouTube users. Kiran has done an amazing work with the clear videography and amazing editing that has captured the grace of the Lord as well as our Revered Shishya Swamiji Shrimad Samyamindra Teertha Swamiji. The key glimpses of the long event has been beautifully summarized in video by Kiran.

The dancing of the Lalki, the amazing dark hue of the evening sky during the teru.. all add to the flavor of this magical video. We thank Kiran for such a wonderful contribution to all of us! here is the video:


  1. Thanks to Dr.Baliga and Radio Idli, I could see the grandeur of Bantwal Teru and Ruppe Lalki, sitting here in New Delhi that too in close up:)

    Kudos to Dr.Baliga, who is doing a wonderful job of shooting such events which happen in Bantwal. All Bantwalites who live away from Bantwal and miss Bantwal, are thankful to him.

    Dinesh Shenoy.

  2. Wow! Nice videography. Excellent brief summary of entire festival. Thanks to Dr.Kiran Baliga for uploading such an wonderful event and to Radio Idli team members for sharing it.

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