Konkani marriage song – Mulki Prashanth Bhat

prashant-bhatOur friend Chetan Hegde got married recently in February. On the eve of his marriage there was a memorable performance of a very special konkani song by Shri Prashanth Bhat of Mulki. Chetan generously shares with us the memorable celebration. We wish Chetan and Pavitra a very happy married life and present the recording of the song – “Anna Makka Vhardika Jauka” right here for you…

Anna Makka Vardika | Music Upload

Chetan and Pavitra HegdeChetan Hegde :”Anna Makka Vardika’ Konkani song sung by Shri. Prashanth Bhat. He is my uncle and a Priest from Mulky. He rendered this song on the eve of my wedding @ shivamogga on February 14, 2009. I wanted to share it with Radio Idli and our saraswat community. “


  1. excellent,awesome,he is melodious and can be listened to over and over again.

  2. U have shown that there are ways to enjoy even our marriage other than rituals.. very gud.. had fun

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