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GSB Sabha Mumbai Celebrates 5 years of Satsang

– a visual report

Chief Guest – Shri Govind Ramadas, a great exponent and propagator of the Gita.

The GSB Sabha of Mumbai, celebrated its fifth year of satsang. The sessions are held every month on the first Saturday, where one particular section of the Holy Gita is chanted and discussed. Shri N. G. Pai-maam convenes the sessions which give every participant a fair chance to narrate his views on the Song Divine (Bhagwad Gita).

The 5th year celebrations was marked by the presence of Chief Guest – Shri Govind Ramadas from Mangalore, a great exponent of the Gita. A well established lawyer few years back, the story of his life closely resembles the story of Robin Sharma’s mystic hero of “The Monk who sold his Ferrari”. His doors are always open for anyone who seeks knowledge of the Gita. He is based in Mangalore.

The session was also a surprise for me to see Uday Mallya who i knew otherwise through the internet. It was good to know that he is an excellent orator and an event organizer!. I have tried my best to cover snippets from the event. I thank GSB sabha Mumbai for their kind cooperation and support.


Shiv Bhajan by Yours Truly

Two months back i started learning music yet again after a gap of 9 years, from the same Guru – Shri Kiran Kamath. Today during our class, he asked me to sing one of the songs he has himself sung in his album – Sangeet Kiran. A song which was perfect for the mood of Shivratri. I confess to have made mistakes in this song.. most notably in the pronunciation of the notes in one of the last alaaps… do forgive me for the same. (move your mouse above the image below and click play)


Sanat Prabhu perfoms!

We cant get enough of our star Sanat Prabhu, who sings about the magic of someone’s eyes… is Deepika going to be the next artist to be interviewed on Kaapi with Sanat?? Only our star can answer that 🙂

Ajab si.mp3


New Artist – Swarna Nayak

I am glad to present my sister dearest Swarna Nayak, who is currently in australia
she sent me this recording sometime back and after a little bit of convincing she was kind enough to have this published… let us all welcome her!(move your mouse above the image below and click play)


We have received quite a few videos, Thanks to Rameshmaam of Middle East and Sudeep from Bangalore. Will take some more time to edit them and have it uploaded to the delight of our listeners…

Make sure you dont miss the artist who gave a teaser to you on the top…. any idea of who he is???? (Hint… he has performed on Radio Idli earlier).. click on the “comments” link below and do leave us yuor words or write to our new email id….

Send us your songs/ videos/ photographs/ reports at

Stay tuned and Stay ever beautiful…. Satyam Shivam Sundaram!

Regards, nagesh pai


  1. Bala.. wish u luck in making us proud 🙂

    Swarna.. good to hear ur songs on radio idli.. just practice to make yout voice stronger.. u catch the tunes pretty well. 🙂

    Sanat.. aur thoda depth in feelings.. will make u just about perfect

    Keep bringing them on 🙂

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