Kaapi with Sanat (talk show)

Akshay Kumar on hot seat – Kaapi with Sanat

After some hard talk with “Shahrukh”, “Aamir Khan”, “Sanju Baba” etc (please note the quotes mark in each of the star names) he is now all set to unveil the secrets of “Akshay Kumar” who is hot and happening these days. In his own creative way and through his original concept, Sanat Interviews “Akshay Kumar” […]

Sanjay Dutt "interviewed" – Kaapi with sanat (extra strong)

After the long standing hearing of Sanju baba, Sanat baba scrutinizes what lies below the Gandhi topee that the actor is wearing these days (inside yerwada with his other inmates). So here we go.. Gandhigiri demystified.. courtesy sanat. Episode-3.mp3 For the convenience of all our listeners.. here is a collection of all three Kaapi with […]

Aamir Khan interviewed by Sanat

After Shahrukh khan, its the turn of another great Khan.. none other than Aamir! Aamir reveals some of his unheard secrets which he had encoded in his movie dialogues, in “conversation” with Sanat Prabhu!! Here’s the interview:   EPISODE 2.mp3 Every hot shot celebrity bares, when the king of talk show Sanat Dares 🙂 If […]

Shahrukh khan’s interview – Coffee with Sanat

Sanat Prabhu our master of karaoke, unveils to us a new avataar.. a great Celebrity Talk Show host!! Radio Idli is pleased to launch an all new Celebrity talk show… Coffee with Sanat. The show will be “interviewing” distinguished celebrities in their own voices, by our witty host Sanat Prabhu. Original artists and original voices.. […]