Aamir Khan interviewed by Sanat

After Shahrukh khan, its the turn of another great Khan.. none other than Aamir!

Aamir reveals some of his unheard secrets which he had encoded in his movie dialogues, in “conversation” with Sanat Prabhu!!

Here’s the interview:



Every hot shot celebrity bares, when the king of talk show Sanat Dares 🙂

If you missed Shahrukh Khan’s “interview”, find it right here:

Stay tuned for more of Kaapi with Sanat, only on Radio Idli


  1. You have worked really hard to make Aamir Khan bare his soul.. good interrogatiom skills..

    Anyway, really good work Sanat.. This is even better than the first.. The editing is really god too… Waiting for part 3 now.. Wondering which star visits the Radio Idli studios next..

  2. wa bhai wa kya baat he wa aap tho halla macha rahe he sabash bhai keep the gud work going. i ll take ur help in recording my mimicry and post it to radio idli aftr my hectic schedule is over in september. i hope u cn help me\


  3. Creative also very tedious job, loved it!! Better than the 1st episode, waiting for the next episode of “kapi” with sanat :-)….

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