25th – Silver Jubilee edition!

Hello Friends!!

Its celebration time with the 25th edition of Radio Idli!!

Chutney Chat Fever returns

Samiir Halady, who was grilled on chutney chat interview (video here) by Ramesh Mallya, switches seat to interview Abhijit Pai. Abhijit has been one of the earliest members of the team that runs Radio Idli – Idli house council.

Abhijit also spearheads the Photo Idli project that we started recently to share photographic talents within the community and share photos pertaining to our culture.

Disclaimer: All chutney chat videos are spontanous and are without any rehearsals or preparations. Any resemblance to anybody’s creative work is purely coincidential :-P. Check the video below!

Vinayak Pai
sends us a nice Ganesh Bhajan. Itis sung in GSB homes and Bhajan Groups specially during Chavathi celebrations.

Namaste Gajanana.m…

Reshma Returns!

By the way she was, is and always will remain here with Radio Idli sharing her great voice!! She sings “Made in India” by Alisha Chinai.


Sanat Prabhu

After his contributions of Karaoke and two episodes of “Kaapi with Sanat” at its hilarous best, Sanat sings to us Bijuria.



  1. hey sanat,
    you can probably share know how on how to do the karaoke thingy…..the quality of radio idli contributions will definitely go up!!

    not that it’s bad now 🙂

    great work!!!

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