Shahrukh khan’s interview – Coffee with Sanat

Sanat Prabhu our master of karaoke, unveils to us a new avataar.. a great Celebrity Talk Show host!!

Radio Idli is pleased to launch an all new Celebrity talk show… Coffee with Sanat.

The show will be “interviewing” distinguished celebrities in their own voices, by our witty host Sanat Prabhu. Original artists and original voices.. no mimicry!! Hmmm yeah.. but there is a catch to it, which infact makes it more entertaining… Stay tuned and hear the first ever celebrity “Interview” by Sanat, only on Radio Idli.

Presenting this week.. Shahrukh Khan!!!



  1. idea: original
    voice : original
    Guest: not original 😉

    innovative and entertaining i must say 🙂

  2. After Lokaabhiraam, this is by far the best innovation and concept.

    The execution is pretty neat, also given the fact that sanat did that from his college hostel!! Such is his enthusiasm and commitment to the Radio!!

    Sanat.. God bless you.. Keep the Radio Rocking!

  3. Tooooo Guuuuuuud Sanat!! Wonderful idea..very creative 🙂 Whom are you gonna introduce next??

  4. That was entertaining, funny and very well done. Thank you. 🙂 Gosha @ Translations

  5. good work brother!!!!!i didn’t know u were so innovative 4 past 20 years b4 i listened to this one!!!!gr8 work

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