19th Edition!

Hello Listener’s dearest!

Hope you all had a great week! Well, your weekend is gonna be good with so many nice contributions from our artists this time. Hearing them all and encouraging them will surely send your energies soaring high for the coming week!

So here’s the 19th edition celebrating great performances and listnership!

Reshma Pai

The best way to start any cultural event is by offerings to Shri Ganesh. Singing it in Konkani is the perfect way to start off!


Archana and Her Mhantu – Shri Suresh Kamath

The best thing that an artist can do for Radio Idli is get all the people around him/her singing and celebrating on our own GSB community radio. After posting recordings of her father and making Him a superstar, Archana now brings to us her Uncle Suresh Kamath singing “Kahin Door”!

Kahin door sureshm…

Its now Archana’s turn!!

ye sama arch.mp3


Savkur-aale Sakkara (Savkur’s Sugar)

I am glad to give a very special name to Amit Savkur’s consistent contributions which have been greatly relished by each of our listeners. True quality shows when its recorded raw and unplugged. Amit’s voice shows just that in his studio as well as his PC (unplugged) recordings.

Kitni Narmi Se.mp3


Something special coming up soon… The first ever celebrity interview by Sanat Prabhu.. The first guest he managed to get for us… none other than .. Shahrukh Khan!!.. Stay tuned for the first ever episode of Coffee with Sanat… coming up in the next 24 hours.


  1. Reshma: Wow.. its so nice and Soothing to listen you!!!

    Archana: You are good! YOu seem to have a Family of Singers!

    Suresh(shall I say Mhanthu): If it were not Nagesh’s word I wud have thought its the original song! and I love this song very much.

    Amit : Yet again a wonderful song! With music, Without music , you are wonderful!

  2. Thank You Chitra and Aparna 🙂

    Reshma, Suresh Maam and Archana, lovely songs and singing, a big applause to all of u

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