Southern Samba(r)

Hello Saar,
Hello Sir

Banni saar. Olagade banni. Kootkoli saar..
Come Sir. Come in. Please take a seat sir..

Yenu tekolteera saar? Chaay/Kaapi/Juice?? Yavudo order maadidru onde. Namma hattira mooralli onduu illa

What will you take sir? Tea/Coffee/Juice?? Whatever you order makes no difference. Coz among the 3, we have none

Aadre haudu.. Radio ide saar. Keltira? Neevu kelale beku saar..
But yes.. We have radio. Would you listen? You must listen saar..

Bhavya Prabhu

Now that Nagesh has already mentioned, I had to get her in first.. 😉 .. And I do so with pride.. Prayer at its best: Bhavya with Ganeshapancharatna

Ganesha Pancharath…

Nitin Prabhu

Ek Prabhu gayi to doosra Prabhu aaya.. Lagta hai yeh Prabhu log sirf Prabhu ki prarthna mein gaate hain :P.. Nitin Prabhu presnts a truly original, straight from the ‘Devale kooda’ Kannada Bhajan, enriched by the clapping of the taal..

sada yenna.mp3


Take a break from Bhajans, we have talent on the other end as well. Sooraj se sahi jaaye na.. lekin Kya? Khud Sun lo..


Veena Pai

No Amchi program can end on a high
If there is nothing from a Pai

No more introduction.. Just action..

sree Venkatesa.mp3

Maja aayta Saar? Chill maadi. Radio kelta iri. Ashtu tanaka, naanu, Surya-huduga Njoi maduttene..

Hope you enjoyed Saar. Chill out. Keep listening to Radio. Till then, myself, Sunnyboy shall Njoi..


  1. Dear Nagesh,

    need yr help. I have uploaded file in esnips. How do I play this song on my blog



  2. That was very nice, Bhavya!!

    Ganesha pancharatna, i just loved it.. 🙂 Kudos


  3. Very well hosted Sunnyboy!! 🙂
    Nice contributions from all of u!! Please keep singing

  4. Hi Bhavya

    Woow!! Wonderful voice
    I loved your song “Zara si aahath” but there was no place to leave a comment…

    Keep up the good work… and keep us entertained….


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