The Southern Samba(r)

Dear members of Radio Idli.. Today I am keeping Southern Samba(r) short. 4 performances.. all neat ! I shall leave the task of further fitting in the adjectives to the audience Sunnyboy trying out his luck with Veer Zaara.. Jaanam Dekh lo.mp3 Bhavya Prabhu From stotras to movies.. talent unlimited !! Get this widget | […]

Southern Samba(r)

Hello Saar, Hello Sir Banni saar. Olagade banni. Kootkoli saar.. Come Sir. Come in. Please take a seat sir.. Yenu tekolteera saar? Chaay/Kaapi/Juice?? Yavudo order maadidru onde. Namma hattira mooralli onduu illa What will you take sir? Tea/Coffee/Juice?? Whatever you order makes no difference. Coz among the 3, we have none Aadre haudu.. Radio ide […]

The Southern Samba(r)

Hi Guys, After a nice rest last week, Southern Samba(r) is back again.. But not with much to offer. The veterans seemed to have gone missing.. Where’s the DJ? Where’s the quizmaster? Exam fever? Work Overload? Maybe I ll request Inspector Lokabhiraaman ( for those who dont know, he is the southern version of Lokabhiraam […]