The Southern Samba(r)

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So what if Southern Samba(r) has come with a delay, lemme tell you, it’s come with lot more action. Had I uploaded on Saturday, I would have had only contribution to entertain you. But during the weekends, a few hands shot up and rose to the occasion, to make the Samba(r) as delicious as it’e ever been.

First of all, I would like to announce that to give more time to our friends to answer the quiz and to give more time to the quiz-master himself to prepare the quiz, our audio quiz DHUN will henceforth be bi-weekly. But worry not, it will still be as exciting, and none of the partcipants will go unrewarded.. because not only will DHUN now be a bi-weekly quiz, but it will also be a point based league !! Meaning the points you score every week hence forth will add up to your tally and you shall be seeing your name in a league table !! So do hurry up and send in your answers, even if you know only one or two. Coz every answer will make a difference to your standings!

The Taala Veena

Opening the innings for the South Zone, is a lady. Introducing debutant Veena Gopal with a konkani prayer that will sooth your nerves..

varaha deva song V…

Nitin Prabhu

We do not intend to let happen to us, what happened to team India at the world cup. So we believe in giving youngsters a chance right at the beginning. “Om”, the origin of Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara and the source of the universe, presented to you by Nitin Prabhu..

Omkara by nitin(mp…

Sunny ko kuch.. Kehna Hai
After the momentum has been set up, it is now time to steady the innings with someone to play the sheet anchor role. And who better to do this job than the experienced RI campigner Sooraj Kamath himself 😉

Kehna Hai.mp3

Nikhil Rao
Its the slog overs now and we have the right person to repeatedly send the ball into the stands and turn the crowd crazy.. Nikhil Rao providing the finishing touch to the innings with a cameo..

aadat! nikhils.mp3

So that brings us to the end of this innings of Southern Samba(r), please keep tuned in to catch our “Extra Innings” without Mandira Bedi 😉

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  1. Nitin, Nikhil and Veena..nice debut…acchha gaya hai…expecting more songs from you all.
    Hmm…..Sunnyboy…u have sung this song professionally…

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