15th Full Moon Edition!

RJ: Nagesh Pai

Listeners Bandhavaano!

Amidst this hot summer, i welcome you all to the soothing moonlight of our fullmoon edition. We have a great assortment of a video interview (chutney chat of our artist ARCHANA), duet songs, karaoke and a sweet lullaby for you this week!

So here we begin.

RJ Nagesh Pai begins 🙂

I would like to share a piece of music from the musical classic – Shankarabharanam. this is an Alaap, with wordings as simple as sa re ga pa and dha :-).


Note: if you have problems playing the song from the blog here. click the name “shankarabharanam” in the widget above and play from the esnips site that opens.

Fresh Launch!- Varsha Kamath!

Following her brother, Ashwin Kamath, Varsha makes a debut today on Radio Idli with a lovely song mixed with the background music by her brother. Radio Idli welcomes her and wishes her all the good luck for great performances as this one, edition over edition!

Here is Varsha Singing Apki Nazron ne samjha…

aapki nazaron ne s…

Chutney Chat with Archana!

One of our most consistent and top artists, Archana Kamath is interviewed upclose by our host – Ramesh Mallya on this cheeky video of Chutney Chat.

You will need to click the link below to access the video:


Do comment on how you liked the video!

Archana Sings!

After her interview, its time for her to sing for us yet again! Here she goes:

mera sayaa arch 2….

Now thats quite an assurance that she will be always there for Radio idli with her great voice, even as someday we pray she becomes India’s famous Singer!

Dual Duets!

We have a bouquet of two duets this week

1) Ashwin and Varsha Kamath – Bhai behan Jodi!

Dekho na.mp3

2) The evergreen Father-Daughter duo! Archana And Dinesh Kamath sing Teri Bindiya re…

Teri bindiya arch …

That was a double Sundae treat for our weekend ears!

Reshma’s silken lullaby

What could be more generous than a mother sharing a lullaby that she sings to her young son? Reshma shares with her the song that calms her son Atharva to relaxing slumber.



LAte night Addition!!

Vivek Pai has a spot submission that he did as a promise made to himself that he would contribute to the 15th edition.

Here is his entry!

pyaar deewana hota…


Voices from our brethern across the world arrive here at Radio Idli. Most of them began as mere listeners and were encouraged to contribute. An appeal to every listener… Feel free to have your voice up here. you will be heard and thats a promise 🙂

Stay tuned! and hey… Stay beautiful 🙂


One Comment

  1. 15 weeks.. and I must say WOW!!! Really amazing entries this week too…

    Great start by Nagesh anna…
    Varsha Kamath… sahiii debut…
    Chutney Chat really funny…
    Archana one of my favorite singers definitely with another song…
    And this week really special, something that i had been waiting for… Duets… and that too two of them… both of them were just to good..
    Reshma’s lullaby was soooooo soothing to hear..
    Vivek.. der aaye durust aaye.. good thing u did load the song..
    All in all really good episode..

    Waiting for Lokabhiraam(Hopefully wont have to wait as long as we all had to last week) and Southern Sambhar(Please ppl.. last week Lokabhiraam posted late… this time still no entry in Southern Sambhar… hope this doesnt get to be tradition… one extra late posting each week :() though…

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