The Southern Samba(r)

Preetiya Bandhu-Bhaginiyare,

Namaskaara !

Sunny Returns
Starting your evening, leading from the front this time, Sooraj Kamath, the Sunnyboy, sings ‘Ab Tere Bin’ from Aashiqui..

Ab tere bin.mp3

Malabar Special
Amita Shenoi presents to you ‘Zara Zara’ from ‘Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein’..


This finishes our limited edition of Southern Samba(r). Since it is exam time, a few artists have gone into hibernation, but are bound to retun soon. So stay tuned.. 🙂


  1. Sunny and amita!! great songs! sorry for having heard the song after a long time!

    I am glad to see the sambar overtake the Main Idli edition 🙂 After all the Sambar must overflow, hai na?

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