Radio Idli – Edition Fourteen!

Presented by RJ Nagesh “Anna” Pai

Listeners dearest! Hope you all had a lovely weekend. After a splendid 13th edition presented by our team buddy RJ We-Wake, and the great Southern Sambar edition and quiz hosted by RJ Sunnyboy – SOoraj and Quiz Master Vivek, you all would be asking for more!!

At Radio Idli, whats hosted is talent contributed by each of our listeners. We do not hire any professional talent. A special message to you all.. please contribute your voice/ original music/ narrations/ informative videos to and share it with the rest of your Samaj! The feedback that you get will add confidence to you and the Radio!

The magic of todays edition is just three songs … and in three different languages!

If you think thats all of it.. wait for the DHUN QUIZ hosted by the cooks of Southern Sambar 🙂 and few more videos on its way!! you will see the first few winners there!!

Note: Our audio host esnips may be slow and may take time.. After you click the play button you may need to wait for two minutes before your audio treat begins! 🙂



The magic of the southern edition spreads to the main edition too. Reshma sings a wonderful Kannada Song.

ellillada parimala…


Sachin Kulshekhar

After dazzling us with His devotional song in the last edition, Sachin enchants us with AR Rahmans Tu Hi re from Bombay. This is one splendid Solo!!

thu hi re _ sachin…


Archana Kamath

After Kannada and Hindi its time for a Marathi Abhang. Archana sings Amrutahuni Goda in her Amrutahuni Voice!





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