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Since DHUN is vast in itself, I have decided to carve it out of ‘Southern Samba(r)’ weekly edition.

Let me first begin with last week’s questions and answers..

1. Staring (Mukhda) of a very famous song from a very famous movie.Identify ?
ans: ‘Dilbar mere kab tak mujhe’ from movie ‘Satte pe Satta’

2. With what would you associate this tune ?
ans: Streethawk ( tv serial ). Street Hawk was a television series that aired back in 1985 on ABC. The show was about a cop name Jessie Mach who was picked to test a top secret government project called Street Hawk, an advanced motorcycle that could go upto speeds of 300 MPH and had immense fire power. His partner Norman Tuttle, the designer of the motorcycle, was in charge of the project. Jessie would cruise the streets of L.A. on the bike while Norman sat back at command center guiding Jessie. Together they would fight crime on the Streets of Los Angeles. Music Provided by Tangerine Dreams

3. The female voice is that of S.Janaki.Now guess the male voice ?
ans: Kamal Hassan

4. Guessing the musical group is simple.What i want is this song was used as a theme for certain event.Name the event ?
ans: Cricket World Cup 2003

5. This tune is a portion (Antara) taken from one of the all time classic hindi movie songs.Name the song and the movie ?
ans: Gaata rahe mera dil (Guide)

Radio-Guru of the Week:

For the first edition of audio quiz we have a tie between 3 participants, who have got 4 answers right each. The winners are:

Sujay Bhat
Nithyanand Rao
Nitin Prabhu

Other participants were: Archana and Dinesh Kamath ( 3 correct ), Ashwin Prabhu ( 3 correct )

Hearty thanks and applause for all the participants.

Please note: While answering, please take care to be more precise ex: Do not reply as ‘ Cricket World Cup’ or even worse as ‘World Cup’ when the answer expected is ‘ Cricket World Cup 2003 ‘ :-).

Next comes this week’s trivia



Q: Guess the song ? ( Guessing the movie would earn yourself a bonus,but no point for guessing the singer 🙂 )



Q: Guess the song/band ?



Q: This is one of those south-indian classic karnatic composition which is actually a song from a malayalam movie released in 1991.But what i am looking here is the singers.(Both male & female )



Q: Anybody who follow sports on ESPN/STAR or now a days TEN sports this one should be a sitter.Guess for what sporting event this is a theme ? (Hint : earlier ESPN/STAR and now a days TEN sports)



Q: Just guess the song and the female singer of this song ?

Hope you enjoyed quizzing last week and continue quizzing this week. Please send me your answers at sooraj.kamath@gmail.com . This time I am expect more participants and more ‘Radio-Guru’s.

Vivekanand Shenoy &
Sooraj Kamath.

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