DHUN Trivia 5..

Dear all, For answers to last quiz click here. Scores for Trivia 4 : Nithyanand Rao: 8 Avinash Bhat: 7 Tejaswini Shenoy: 7 Sankalp Nayak: 5 Sujay Bhat: 4 League Standings after Trivia 4.. Nithyanand Rao 27 Avinash Bhat 23 Vinayak Kini 17 Sujay Bhat 10 Ashwin Prabhu 8 Tejaswini Shenoy 7 Nikhil Pai, Purnima […]


Please find the answers to previous quiz here. Radio Guru of the week: Nithyanand Rao (9) Other scores: Vinayak Kini (8) Sujay Bhat (6) Avinash Bhat (6) Raghuvir Kamath (2) League scores: Nithyanand Rao (19) Vinayak Kini (17) Avinash Bhat (16) Ashwin Prabhu (8) Purnima Prabhu, Nikhil Pai, Sujay Bhat (6) Archana Kamath (5) Raghuvir […]


Hi all, Extremely sorry for the delay in declaring the results of last round of DHUN quiz and bring to you the next round. For answers to last week’s quiz, please click here The Radio Gurus of the week are:Nithyanand rao (10 points)Avinash Bhat (10 points) The scores of other participants are: Vinayak Kini – […]


Hi all, Since DHUN is vast in itself, I have decided to carve it out of ‘Southern Samba(r)’ weekly edition. Let me first begin with last week’s questions and answers.. 1. Staring (Mukhda) of a very famous song from a very famous movie.Identify ? ans: ‘Dilbar mere kab tak mujhe’ from movie ‘Satte pe Satta’ […]

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**************************************************************************** Presented to you by RJ Sunnyboy (Sooraj Kamath – sooraj.kamath@gmail.com) **************************************************************************** Hi Everyone – Vanakkam ! Good day. Hope you all had a wonderful week! We start the session this week with DJ Deepak’s invocation of Lord Ganesh, a compilation of Vathapi Ganapathim. DJ Deepak-Vatapi G… ———————————————————————————- Quizmaster Vivekanand! presents Dhun We all live […]