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Radio Guru of the week: Nithyanand Rao (9)

Other scores:
Vinayak Kini (8)
Sujay Bhat (6)
Avinash Bhat (6)
Raghuvir Kamath (2)

League scores:

Nithyanand Rao (19)
Vinayak Kini (17)
Avinash Bhat (16)
Ashwin Prabhu (8)
Purnima Prabhu, Nikhil Pai, Sujay Bhat (6)
Archana Kamath (5)
Raghuvir Kamath (2)

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Thanks for your participation and interest,

Vivekanand Shenoy &
Sooraj Kamath.

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  1. Dear quizz master Trivia3…question 3.5…..Classical singer Ajith Kakade is basically from Goa…deciple of the Pandit Jitendra Abhisheki!!!

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