20th Edition – Decade two begins :-)

Presented by : Nagesh “anna” Pai
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Congratulations Archana!!

The 20th edition begins with a celebration. Archana Kamath emerged as a winner in a music competition held by Mumbai Mirror newspaper of the Times of India Group.

Check the photographs of our victorious princess and the article right here:

Click here

For those who have the hard copy of Mumbai mirror.. check Page 41.

Archana’s glory continues with her song!

raina beeti arch.m…


Proud Father Dinesh Kamath

After Archana hitting the headlines, its time for her father Dinesh Kamath (Dinnu maam affectionately to those who know him close)to bask us in his magical voice!

KNHK din.mp3

Reshma Pai‘s Silken Loom

Just like a loom with its unique rhythm, that spins out magical fabric with vibrant designs; Reshma with her voice casts a spell of her silken voice. Week after week, she returns with varieties ranging from Konkani bhajans to Hindi songs. The secret of the beautiful fabric out of her musical loom??? her song says it all.. Na tum jaano na hum 🙂


Prathamesh “Pat” Kini – the lad in Liverpool red jersey.

An ardent soccer fan spotted frequently in his red Liverpool T-shirt, Pat also knows the best way to get to the goalposts of his friends is through his songs! He sings the latest number “In Dino” from the latest hindi movie.. Life in a metro.

in dino.mp3

Savkur-aale Sakkara (Sugar of Savkur)

With the end of this weeks edition, Amit Savkur sings a Rafi Classic with a karaoke accompaniment… Na jaane tum kab aaoge.

Suhani Raat Dhal C…


As Amit’s voice said in his song above.. Na jaane tum kab aaoge.. Radio Idli asks the same to all the budding Saraswat talent.. when are you arriving??.. Feel free to send your recordings in MP3 format to Radioidli@gmail.com and be a star of Radio Idli 🙂

We will be happy to hear from you!!
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Stay tuned and Stay beautiful!!


  1. Hey Archana.. my heartiest congrats to u on winning the competition… All the best for the future.. Hope u achieve more fame…

  2. Archana great work..n Proud father Dinesh Mamu..Its all genetics..isn’t it??
    Amit ..I would probably say ur voice is (s)miles sweeter than sugar!!
    Keep it up n ALL!!

  3. Hey Archana congrats ….
    didn’t knew abt the event or else would have been there at centre one to see u perform live ….
    Nyways its just the beginning many many more to come All the best for the future events 🙂

  4. Thankyou Tejaswini,Sunny,Ashwin and Ananth and everbody…..I am really happy ki mujhe tum logon ka itna acchha support mil raha hai…:)

  5. Congrats Archana… Well done!!

    One more song from Amith goes into my music collection… Man u r just amazing…

    Every contributor Thanks a lot for entertaining us thru this radio… Keep up the good work

  6. @archana
    awesome job!! my hearty congrats

    you murdered the song man! better luck next time.

  7. @Nagesh

    Muchos Gracias for the invite. But I can’t sing. I had already been invited to do so by Sooraj, but had to decline, because I am known to be pretty bad at it 🙂

    However, I do take part in the quiz, because that, I am good at.

    Anyways, If i’ve offended you, prathamesh or even radio idli for that matter, I sincerely apologise.

    It’s not the concept of contributions->publishing I criticized. It’s one particular contribution. And I guess I have the right to do that. What say you?

  8. Criticisms most welcome and all rights upheld! It sets new bars for people to perform and hence no offence taken.

    I was exploring a chance of participation :-D. Well thats the aim of the project!

    Well just my feedback, avoid using curt words, while it does show the critic’s frankness, it brings about discouragement and may defeat the purpose.

  9. @Nagesh

    Glad this was taken in the right sense 🙂

    Anyways, there was no malice intended.

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