21st edition of the 21st century!

Hello All……Namaskaar to all of you who have been waiting for this edition from RJ Varsha….

First and foremost, an apology for the delay. Due to some technical problems(to be precise, due to gusty winds, a tree fell over the internet cabling at Nagesh’s end), this 21st edition is reaching you a bit late! But no, we refuse to break the record of bringing out editions of RI to you, every week, week after week, uniterrupted.


The first song for the Day, Dinesh Maam, Archana’s father with one more melody for us…

kaun hai jo din.mp…

Continuing the tradition of Father and Daughter dual posts, Archana Kamath presents to us another melodious number. This is after a marvellous week she had with close misses as well as victories at coveted music competitions!

tere bina arch 2mp…

Silken Loom of Music — Reshma Pai

Reshma sings brings devotion into us by singing a timeless Marathi Abhang… Mandirat AAlo


Sanat Prabhu

Amidst his busy schedule and after a succesful interview with “Shahrukh Khan”, Sanat returns with a Karaoke, which he first pioneered here on the radio


Refreshing Fresh… Anushree Nayak

Anushree sends us this song as a part of a promise she made to her cousin brother Abhijit Pai. Lets encourage her to send us more songs without the promise, and without abhijit having to put lot of pushing efforts!



We come to the end of this edition.. lets pray that Nagesh gets his connection fast, while we enjoy the submissions of the week above!

Stay tuned!!


  1. Thanks Nagesh for that generous comment for my efforts 😉 Actually I had to make international efforts over some 2 or 3 months for getting this. Actually the compensation has also been very interesting.
    Is this a case of the first paid RI singer 😀

  2. Great work Guys.. Sanat, Archu, Dinesh uncle.. u guys were rocking..
    Sometimes I wonder whether u guys were yourselves the playback singers of the original song 🙂

    Sanat.. flawless for this song

    Dinesh uncle .. awesome voice.. just concentrate a lil more of the finishing part of each stanza..

    Archu.. hold the strength in your voice when going to extremely high pitches.. u r doing great..

    all others.. good job too 🙂

  3. Sanat Prabhu – rubaroo.mp3 – Sooper maam. Next time Anup Jalota bhi ho jaaye.. Simply Sooper

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