DHUN Trivia 5..

Dear all,

For answers to last quiz click here.

Scores for Trivia 4 :
Nithyanand Rao: 8
Avinash Bhat: 7
Tejaswini Shenoy: 7
Sankalp Nayak: 5
Sujay Bhat: 4

League Standings after Trivia 4..

Nithyanand Rao 27

Avinash Bhat 23

Vinayak Kini 17

Sujay Bhat 10

Ashwin Prabhu 8

Tejaswini Shenoy 7

Nikhil Pai, Purnima Prabhu 6

Archana Kamath, Sankalp Nayak 5

Raghuvir Kamath 2

For the next quiz click on Trivia 5. Send in the answers to sooraj.kamath@gmail.com.


Vivekanand Shenoy &

Sooraj Kamath.

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  1. Thanks Dhun Quiz Masters for the challenges… Thanks for taking some time in entertaining us with these trivia…

    Keep up the good work

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