Radio Idli – Edition Fourteen!

Presented by RJ Nagesh “Anna” Pai ******************************************** Listeners dearest! Hope you all had a lovely weekend. After a splendid 13th edition presented by our team buddy RJ We-Wake, and the great Southern Sambar edition and quiz hosted by RJ Sunnyboy – SOoraj and Quiz Master Vivek, you all would be asking for more!! At Radio […]

1+1 = 11th Edition!!

Curiously Listening Brethern!! Welcome to the 11th edition. Like the title says, we are here to create synergy! Our talents put together bring in much more excitement than they would if they were to play in isolated pockets. So here we are again with some great contributions, each one of them unique and special in […]

Heaven Seven – Seventh Weekly edition

Seven is an interesting number.. WE have seven notes of music, seven colours in the rainbow .. and here we are with our seventh edition!! ————————————————————- RESHMA ki Reshmi Awaaz The magical voice of Reshma sings yet again after her PC recovers. lets all welcome this grand moment .. Lamha Lamha by Reshma Pai (Mother […]