Heaven Seven – Seventh Weekly edition

Seven is an interesting number.. WE have seven notes of music, seven colours in the rainbow .. and here we are with our seventh edition!!


RESHMA ki Reshmi Awaaz
The magical voice of Reshma sings yet again after her PC recovers. lets all welcome this grand moment .. Lamha Lamha by Reshma Pai (Mother of child singer Atharv, remember??)



AMIT(abh) of singing – Amit Savkur

Amit gives his listeners a great lease of life .. singing Ae Zindagi Gale lagaa le.

Ae Zindagi Gale La…

Anna’s Corner
For the few who missed “Anna’s” voice. I am glad to present a song i had dedicated and kept private for Varsha for sometime. Here is the first public release of my dedication to my beloved 🙂

tera chehera aaine…

Sachin Kulshekhar

After Ab mujhe Raat din here is another song from Sachin – Ya rabba!



Remix Corner of DJ Deepak Nayak

Keeping up his promise, Deepak releases to us one of his fine mixes! Fanaa for you

DJ Deepak-Fanaa Fo…


Stay tuned for the launch of Ek Sawaal.. oh yes… dont miss Chutney Chat from our chutney Raja.. sankalp!


  1. Awesome Edition!!!
    And…Lokabhiram Maam rocks….Muaz sure someday RI is gonna release a audio compilation of his preachings Lol.

    All the contributions are juz intact and look forward to more improvised “Ek saawal” sessions with music jingles

    DJ Deepak has got a neat remix track in there…

    Hip Hip Hooray to the RI team..



  2. well..Kris said most of what was already running in my mind :0)
    Amit, therez no way one can differentiate b/w your voice and the original in this song.
    Nagesh, that was a reeeeal ‘ORIGINAL’ one- very creative Sir..
    Sachin, you have a beeauuutiful voice i must say. However, we would love to hear it next time without the original song track in the background. No hard feelings buddy ;0). YOU ROCK!!
    Deepak..couldn’t help but dance my way to glory with sonny…keep it coming
    and myself, i think, seeing myself go public gives me more motivation to improve. I’m LOVIN IT. Cheers

  3. Amit are you professional singer!!… Thats a very amazing voice. I just felt like Suresh Wadekerji singing. That is one of my favorite songs…

  4. -Lokabhiram is just amazing.. “The Best” concept. The best thing is the message he leaves with a shloka at the end. And I am sure the best’s are yet to come. Way to go…
    -Amit’s Ae zindagi was just as good as Original song. Your voice is too good Amit. Great work!!
    -Reshma, I will definitely come with only my voice next time.. ;-).Your Lamha lamha was good. You have a very sharp and innocent voice. I liked it.

    Finally, Nagesh thanks for coming up with such a creative idea.. Hats off buddy..

    Radio Idly Rocks!!


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