Ek Sawaal and Chutney Chat..

Pravin Da’ Kamath ka X-ray Report on Chutney Chat with Sankalp Nayak

The phatka guru gets some googlies on a surprise interview hosted at Nag studios with Sankalp doing the honors yet again before he leaves for the US. He promises to get us bakras from across the seas.

WE have a video recording of this chat which we will try and put up in the next few hours if we manage to compress it… till then enjoy the audio!

Chutney chat – Pra…


Ek Sawaal!!

After a long wait and submission of questions by three sporting people, Pradeep, Kavita and Radheshyam, our expert panelists get cracking on their mindboggling questions.

Have fun hearing their replies!! If you have questions mail it to eksawaal.radioidli@gmail.com



Stay tuned! and Stay Beautiful!!


  1. Awesome Edition!!!
    And…Lokabhiram Maam rocks….Muaz sure someday RI is gonna release an audio compilation of his preachings Lol.

    All the contributions are juz intact and look forward to more improvised “Ek saawal” sessions with music jingles

    DJ Deepak has got a neat remix track in there…

    Hip Hip Hooray to the RI team..



  2. Ek se badhkar ek! Main aur kya bolu?! Excellent, fantastic, fabulous, tremendous, terrific, jhakaas…no more adjectives…. ;0)isn’t it a great SAngAM ?? SA(Sankalp)ng(Nagesh)and lokabhirAM??? Waiting for more chatpata swad

  3. laokabhiraam was good as ever, speaks typical manglorean style. Keep it going mystry maam….

    Well to sankalp’s question about girl liking more mature and old guys….Surveys and research in the recent years have proved that girls prefer older guys and they have more tendency towards bald guys as well. Thats why we make ourselves happy by saying this at this age where we are starting lose hair!!!!

  4. Lokabhiram Maam… There is a reason behind why all Bhat kids choose H/W or S/W and leave ‘Devastana katte’…

    I totally agree abt the difficulty Bhats face when they want to eat Fish. Thanks to my Annnamma she always let us eat what ever we want without caring for the characters like ‘Narshimha Bhat’. Why not ‘Taste pe saab ka haak hai’!!! ha ha ha ha

  5. I liked the introduction of Sanskrit into the play of Lokabhiram.. This serves as a tribute to those many amchis of the my grandpa’s generation. who are even to this day Pandits in Sanskrit.. but their vast expertise is no longer the topic of discussion today..
    I also enjoyed the characters of the curious onlooker Narsimha, whose inquisiteness spills the beans for the bhat maam..this emphasises tha fact that a streetsmart roadie can out beat the most learned.. because ultimately it is not the educaion that defines the person but the practical implementation of the real time lessons learnt in life that matters

  6. My Amma says:
    “Nice Pakpak on Radio Idli by Lokabhiraaam! “

    Everyone here listens to the Lokabhiraam every week and enjoyes it immensely!

  7. Lokabhiraam- maamu

    tugele last doni Uttara aikun asshi dista.. te Streetsmart cherdu hod jaunu “puddiye narshimhu” jallo ve?

    Solvalo ve? Solvalo ve?

    Keep going !!

  8. loved this episode of kustu bhattu,bar bar sunneko man karta hai.jai lokabhiram!! thuggele dictionary thu words bharta voccho ani jana anikai chada hasayitha rab .

    Amgile ghara yedra bhatta natthu amgithi yevnu jalke khattha assilo ,takka meggelo anu ,tu bhat nai re tu B hat monu tamashe karta assilo:)

  9. @ Above-Satish,

    Dude..hehe Thanks a lot..!!
    Me enjoyin bonus credit these days!! neways it feels good, cos the posts above you are too good too, n u have attributed all that to me, in single reply.. Kewl..i dont mind!!

    (ps: whoever u r, pls come in open man, i shall tyreat you for this)
    AJ 😉

  10. hey this LOKAHBIRAM MAAM simply rocks yaar…Good one dude keep it up ….. There was a bhat maam in my home town..who used to come to Temple with the intention of collecting Dakshina…..He used to go to Bar and eat non veg ….we used to call him white bhatta becoz he was very tall and white ye usiki kahani tho nahi hai na…. 😉

  11. lokabhiraam/mystery maamu

    trust me man it feels too gud to listen to something in chaste konkani with all those swear words which is very rare to hear these days especially if u r in metros…i made my mum n dad listen to all three compilations..oh they njoid a lot especially the vali ambat with sungat and bhat maam edition 😀 😀 😀

  12. I liked it when lokmaam speaks in sanskrit, I had taken sanskrit in school and now cant talk at all, can understand though, Made me remember those days when we in class used to try and talk in sanskrit.

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