Kochi Ananth Bhat – interview courtesy Pravin “da” Kamath

Pravin Kamath, affectionately known as Pravin Da amongst our founding members has always been an encouraging supporter. Pravin Da’ brings to us an interview that he took of Shri Kochi Ananth Bhat, duly videographed by his son Neeraj at the Vashi Balaji Mandir, where  Chaturmasya celebrations of Shrimad Sudhindra Teertha Swamiji of Shri Kashi Muth […]

1+1 = 11th Edition!!

Curiously Listening Brethern!! Welcome to the 11th edition. Like the title says, we are here to create synergy! Our talents put together bring in much more excitement than they would if they were to play in isolated pockets. So here we are again with some great contributions, each one of them unique and special in […]

Ninth edition at 9 PM primetime!

Its prime time for Radio Idli with some prime coverage in press (courtesy DNA mumbai) Radio Idli and the Saraswat community have been quoted as the first to mark the arrival of Blog Radio concept in India! Its time to celebrate for each of us. “On the Internet, Community Radio becomes a reality” You can […]