Ninth edition at 9 PM primetime!

Its prime time for Radio Idli with some prime coverage in press (courtesy DNA mumbai)
Radio Idli and the Saraswat community have been quoted as the first to mark the arrival of Blog Radio concept in India! Its time to celebrate for each of us.

“On the Internet, Community Radio becomes a reality”
You can read the article here if you missed it. Or here.

I take this opportunity to thank each and every contributor to make this dream a great reality, and solicit active support from many more to take this commuity initiative further!

The speciality of today’s edition is that we have THREE GENERATIONS of people performing 🙂

New this week
We have the privilege of hearing parents of our active contributors and soon intend to have a “Parent’s Special” programme to showcase the divine voices of our parents. To start off this endeavor we have Archana’s father, Shri Dinesh Kamath rendering his youthful voice and my Parents, Shri K. Ramachandra Pai and Smt. Sudha R. Pai showcasing their bhajans recoded at home. I would request each one of you to help your parents record and upload their voices for the Parent’s special.


Inspiration divine by Narayan Kamath

This is the second out of the three composition on inspiration sent by Narayan straight from the US. Let us all applaud our multitalented contributor!

Inspirations Theme…


Pravin “Da” Kamath shares a great narration, after his most visited Video interview which you will find in a previous posting below. He speaks about konkani language!

Konkani bhasha 1.m…


Parent’s Special

We have the pleasure of Archana Kamath’s father, Shri Dinesh Kamath, rendering “tere mere sapne”. He joins us in making our dreams true 🙂

din tere mere sapn…


I take the pleasure in sharing voices of my Parents, my true Guru’s in music who gave me my first lessons through the “Jo Jo Sri Krishna” lullaby and many more divine compositions of Purandaradaasa and great Saints. They share their Bhajans here.

K Ramachandra Pai and Sudha R. Pai – Guru Krupe Vina

Guru kripe Veena.m…


Smt. Sudha R. Pai sings “Nirgunachi bheti Aalo saguna sange”

Nirgunachi Bheti -…

Atharv Pai
Generation Next in the green room!

Proud Mom and great singer Reshma Pai sends us a recording of her son yet again.
The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world. The voice that sings the lullaby echoes the song that free’s the world!

Here is your special privilege to catch an artist at his youngest 🙂


Archana Kamath‘s Stage

After Dinesh-maam’s performance, here is a proud daughter singing two of her submissions to the delight of her waiting fans who missed her for the last few weeks.

1) Aao Naa….

aao na arch 1.mp3

2)Mere Dil Ka..

mere dil ka arch 2…

Radio Idli Premiere!
Ashwin Kamath

Popular for his singing talent and his base of Hindustani classical music, we have the pleasure of having Ashwin Kamath from Dombivili, Mumbai sharing his Bhajan recordings with us!


Amit Savkur‘s sonic magic!

Aankhen bhi Hoti hai dil ki Zubaan!

Aankhen Bhi Hoti H…

Video Zone

Janapriya Yakshagana is a famous group in Mumbai with the distinction of having the colourful Yakshagana ballet (similar to kathakali, and is the official dance of Karnataka)in Konkani Language. The group has blessings from all our Divine Swamiji’s and has among its founders the Legend Shri Rama Nayak, the father of Udupi Restaurants of Mumbai.

Here is a video slideshow made by me in 2004 with photographs that i clicked of the Chaturmas Celebrations of H. H. Shrimadh Sudhindra Teertha Swamiji and the Yakshagana episodes of Ramayana.


DJ Deepak’s Remix corner

Deepak presents his latest works this time bringing together the guitars of Santana and the voice of Atif Alam!

DJ Deepak Feat. Cl…


Stay tuned and Stay beautiful 🙂

Lokaabhiraam Maam is dressing up for his next show and will be up in a while.


  1. nice one!! Glad to see Radio Idli gaining popularity! And a nice edition featuring the young and the old…

  2. Hey Guys
    This is an excellent blog. Very funny “Ek ghadi Hassunu kaadi ” stuff and some very serious singing talent.. Keep up the good work you all.

  3. I was awaiting a Bhajan from Ashwin,
    Hope to hear it next time..
    BTW the Songs from Nagesh’s parents has inspired some more people.

  4. Well done again!! I have been regularly visiting this site and going through all the programs.

    Excellent! You will surely get more coverage, because all your efforts are genuine. 🙂

    Lokabhiraam did it again. So did Amit . I liked atharva too 🙂
    Others were also good. Pravin da needs to record in silence, was I watching a movie in the background? otherwise the content was very good.
    “Tanhayee” was good, but needs to adjust the mic with the song 🙂

    Seeing all the enthu of all the people, I also wanted to do something. Even google couldnt find any talent suitable in me 🙂

    Keep up the good work guys and gals!!!

  5. archana : i think u hv some secret in ur comp 😛

    atharv: >:D< >😀< >😀<
    applause to all the people who sang!!

    keep it steaming you all 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. hey great round of songs again!
    Nagesh, now we know where you learnt singing!

    Amit: good choice and good voice

    Archana: you really sing good and now we know youve taken it from your father

    PravinDa: Great use of various dialects of Konkani.. Need more such inputs!!!!!

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