CNN IBN interviews Radio Idli

Friends. After the print press coverage, here is our first Television Coverage by TV Journalist Vineeta Rao of CNN IBN! (Hearty thanks To CNN IBN.. content streamed from

Click here in case you are not able to see the video below

Dev Bare Karo!!


  1. This is just mind blowing.. Hearty congratulations to all the artistes, members, people who worked behind the scenes and also our listeners and supporters. Without you, this show could never reach the untouched heights.. I have no words to express my joy after looking at the success stories of our radio idli.. The tears of joy are the only ones speaking right now.. I wish I could be a part of the celebrations there in Mumbai.. However, I am thankful to all you people who gave me a chance to put across my little talent in music to the whole world.. Thank you.. Yours DJ Deepak..

  2. Congratulations to the young team which I suppose started with no capital except a passionate commitment to a noble idea ! This recognition is none too late. I hope this will energize the Radio Idli team to take this even further by expanding the focus of Radio Idli to even more meaningful topics relevant to Konkanis around the world.
    – Original art, poetry and literature from the community
    – Plays/stories/dramas written by Konkanis
    – Educational material to help Konkani kids (much like Asha mayi’s stories)
    – and much more…

    Devu baren koron,

  3. @Deepak: My Bro, it was indeed a great moment for all of us. I missed all our contributors out-of-mumbai while the shoot happend. What breathed in me during the shoot was your enthusiasm and that of all our contributors, trust me! your talent is unique and innovative and i am sure the larger audience now will call for more shots from the DJ himself 🙂

    @Nithyanand ( do leave your email id at thanks so much for your encouragement. Rightly said, with so many facilities available to us through the Internet, free of cost and simple to use, realizing a community dream becomes much more easier.

    We are perfectly congruent on the content that you mentioned, except for the basic rule that the recording must be the work of the contributor himself.. ie his voice or his instruments. We can have third party like Bhimsen Joshi’s Abhangs, but it must be sung in the contributor or his close family members voice!! Now thats what makes the sambar tasty with idli 🙂

  4. Nagesh mamana programanthu bhari chand kornu interview dila . Samajale naava bharat deshantu udhar karno famous kela.

    Tagele sakad mano kamana purna korno yash mmello

  5. I got the radio idli mail as just another forward… that I normally tend to ignore. However, the word konkani made me click the link… and boy am I glad that I did not just delete it.
    Since then, I’ve been a Lokabhiram fan 🙂 …. sitting here in the US when it’s tough to listen to a word of konkani, lokhabhiram’s eloquent and passionate way of presenting stories certainly comes as a music to the ears.
    Hats off to the team behind this production. I’m sure there’s a big team of creative people that is behind each succesful episode.. keep it coming 🙂
    – Arvind Pai

  6. Hey Nagesh…
    It was nice seeing the story on your blog. And it was even nicer to meet you and your enthusiastic friends. Do maintain the enthusiasm level that you have right now… and I have no doubt that very soon bigger and better things will be headed your way and that of radioidli. Good luck guys!

  7. My congratulations to the RadioIdli team. Great work. Hope to hear more in the days to come. And as ‘Mugha’ says, you should use this platform to further the cause of our language.

    All the very best again.

    devu bare koro !!!

    jai ko.nkaNi, jai samaaja !!!

    Roshan Pai

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