Decked Decade Decibels! – Tenth Edition

After the great media limelight(check the CNN IBN video on Radio Idli in the post click here) here we are with a double digit edition finally! Listener numbers, contributions and expectations are on the northward rise! Aren’t all these signs of positive growth??

Todays edition proves just that.

Main highlight of this edition is a PARENT’s SPECIAL which will be posted as a separate post after the main edition with all our regular entries. We have nostalgic recordings, capured as old as 35 years ago, still churning great energies and fond memories! Its highly generous of Deepak and his Father Shri Jayavanth Nayak to share these golden moments with us.

Prayer by Abhijit Pai

We start the new year with a Prayer to Almighty to grant us peace and joy.

The meaning of this prayer and its deeper connotations may be found on Abhijit’s blog at this link (

Here is the prayer


Narayan Kamath

This is the final composition from Narayan’s “Inspiration” series. Hope you all like it!

Heat of Inspiratio…

Return Of Sanat Prabhu

A student in engineering with a great voice, Sanat returns after a lull with a great song. Sanat would be going for a professional audtion today, For which i wish him all the very best. I would invite wishes and prayers from all, so that our very own Radio Idli singer makes it BIG!!

pal – Sanat Prabhu…

Archana Kamath

Archana Kamath sings a great “Daasara Pada” – The divine song of the Daasa’s. The magic of the compositions is that its meaning hits straight to your conscience without you knowing Kannada. This has been my experience. Archana presents this song in melodious ShivRanjani Raaga.

naa donkaadare- Ar…

if you think Archana Sings well.. watch out for the parents special (coming up in a post above) where her father steals the show!!
Sunnyboy Sooraj Kamath
and Reshma Pai from two different locations.. Bangalore and US, sing the same song.. doing a la’ Jagjit and chitra!

Sunnyboy sings first!

Tujhse naraaz nahi…

Reshma sings next!


Now thats what i call Harmony!!

Fresh and Refreshing

This is a new section that i have created within Radio Idli weekly posts to recognize the talent of enthusiasm of new entrants. This section will appear on a week when we have new and fresh talent being submitted

This week we have Radhika Hegde from Mumbai singing a peppy number!



DJ Deepak
‘s Remix Corner

A fabulous blend of Bulla Ki Jaana Mai Kaun with some foot-tapping rhythm.

DJ Deepak-Bullah K…

if you thought DJ’s Remix was cool.. check out his father’s voice recorded 35 years ago!!! Coming up soon in the parent’s special!

leave your comments with your email ids.. also feel free to respond in the guestbook on the right hand side.


  1. as alwez…gr8 edition again..The Parents section was too good..And our regular artists were great as well…alongwith the fresh voice..hope to hear more from freshers 🙂

  2. Hey DJ.. Too good music. Now that’s what I heard a cool mixing. Fantastic Tabla beats. Too good stereo effects. Simply the best DJing… Keep rocking!

  3. Abhijit … Nice way to start the Edition with a Prayer. Good One.

    Narayan, Superb like always.

    Sanat … Damn good yaar, excellent choice of song too. Keep it up and do keep posting more.

    Archana has always be good with her songs

    Sooraj aka Sunny, Radio Idli Idol … Builder, Singer, Dancer, ….. etc etc in one

    Reshma, lovely voice … Mum and Son sing so well. Get your husband to sing as well, we all would love to listen to a duet.

    Deepak, DJ bhai, U Rock!!!

    Radhika, Excellent singing. keep posting …

    Amit Savkur

  4. thanx a lott every 1…fr accepting mr frst of all as a part of ull and appreciating me…ill try and b better next time as this was my frst time ever.:-)

  5. This comment is about Aralutiru jeevada geleya sung by Archana….Hey manthary suuuuuupppeeeeeeeerrr Go layka jalla sanghile…full sound davornu aikalo…..

    Thanks a ton for singing kannada song…;)

    Archu jhoragi omme kirchu…;)

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