Matru Devo Bhava, Pitru Devo Bhava – Parent’s special

We owe a lot to our parents, our voice that we express here bears its origin to the knowledge and nurture that they have given us with all those sacrifices behind it. Its time we sit and hear their divine voice through our tribute to them – Radio Idli Parent’s special.

This issue is not a one time special, but a beginning of a platform that involves all generations beginning our parents, our ownselves, and our children (if any 🙂 or if many).

Here begins a great bouquet of what our parents have to sing to us.
Echo from 35 years ago – Deepak presents his father Shri Jayavanth Nayak from Bengaluru

Technology today enables us to hear the fond memories of Nayak-maam – His recording of 35 years ago!!

Note that there are two songs in the playlist below. you can choose to play it in sequence by pressing the play button or double click the song name.

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DJ Deepak we now know from where you get your music 🙂

Ashwin Kamath shares the voice of his father Shri Jayanth Kamath

A song that brings back the first Gurumantra that most of us had from our parents.. the first sweet lullaby which awakened the music in our minds while putting us to solemn slumber… Even the Lord with the responsibility of the universe seeks solace in the lullaby sung by his devotee “Jo Jo Sri Krishna”, composed by Purandara Daasa and Sung here by Nayak Maam.

jo jo shri krishna…

Archana shares with us the magic of her Father’s Voice – Shri Dinesh Kamath

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My parents and Me

Shri Ramachandra Pai and Smt. Sudha Pai along with their Son Nagesh are glad to present few bhajans to you :-).

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Shri Vivekanand Halady, father of Samiir, spins divine music through his melodious harmonium playing with his soothing voice singing a bhajan in Raag Pilu.

Bhajan Vivekananda…


Abhijit and Aparna Pai’s dearest Pacchi (maternal aunt) sends us a contribution with which we sign off our first Parent’s special!!

Devu Maza Vithu Savla – a classic Abhang.



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  1. Radio idli team…Congrats on the heartwarming success of the tenth episode of Radio idli… Dear ammas and annu’s, it felt excellent to listen to your amazing voices which have ‘so’ much LIFE in them…”Hum sab choton ki toh chutti kardee aapne…”

    Regulars, please keep giving us the punch…I have gotten reallllly addicted.

    The new entries(only here mostly, not on Orkut ;0) were AWESOME. Itz fun to relate your voices to your pics. Good to find so much of Enthusiasm amongst our folks…

    I heartily wish that this blog sees many more such days in future as well


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